Separation Can Actually Be Good For a Marriage

You don’t believe it given the current situation you’re in. You and your spouse just don’t get along anymore. You two bicker and fight over every small thing and you feel that there’s never going to be any resolution or peace. There can be if you decide that you want things to change. Although many couples in your position automatically jump to the idea of divorce, you don’t have to venture down that path just yet. You can actually give your marriage a fighting chance if you both take a grown up version of a time out. A trial separation can completely change a relationship and help both spouses realize what they are at risk of losing.

The main reason that separation can actually be good for a marriage is it gives you both a chance to truly understand what the other person means to you. When a couple is constantly embroiled in one argument after another, they lose a sense of what their spouse means to them. There are so many negative associations made and they can’t distance themselves from the emotional pain of the conflict. They start to resent one another more and more and eventually they may even reach a point where they just don’t talk. The challenges they face overshadow any adoration or affection that may still be there.

If you take time apart, those huge conflicts, won’t feel as large anymore. You’ll start to focus more on the positive traits that your spouse possesses and you will even start to miss them. You’ll wake up alone and go to bed alone each day. There will be a hole in your life that was once filled by their companionship and love for you.

Many couples who separate go on to have very long lasting, fulfilling relationships with one another. They take what they learn during their solitude and carry that with them towards reconciliation. It’s not uncommon for a couple to start acting like newlyweds again once they get back together after their separation. They key is to really focus on what you need to repair and then work on that together. You may just find that you’ll realize what a true treasure you have in your partner once they’re not there all the time anymore. Separation, although challenging emotionally at the time, can be the saving grace for your marriage.