No Time for Yourselves?

Do you not have any time for yourselves? Even though you’re married with children, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop living. You have been married for it seems like a long-long-time, and you never take time for a date night out. Why not? Just because you have children doesn’t mean that you have to stop living.

You need to go on a date with your significant other once and awhile. All work and no play isn’t good. I know some people that say they work hard and then they play hard. Nothing is wrong with that as long as you remember to play and have fun too. I know some people that think they have to be working all the time and when that happens it can be a disaster for your marriage. One spouse might work long hours and then the other spouse feels alone and unwanted and that’s not good. Both of you need to sit down and discuss a good time and day to go out on a date. When you pick someplace, make sure that both of you agree on it, otherwise, the other party might feel that the date is all one-sided and you don’t want that. It should be a date where both of you can have a lot of fun. After all, that’s why you’re going to have fun and enjoy yourselves.

Take some time and meet your significant other for a quick lunch date, or just plan something to have a night out. Have someone that you know watch your children so you can take some time to get together. I always say a marriage is like a garden in that you have to keep it watered otherwise the beautiful flowers perish. So, is the same with your marriage. You’ve worked hard all these years to keep your marriage intact, but if you don’t do some let’s say for a better word “upkeep” then you run the risk of having problems with your marriage. Even if you don’t have much money to do anything, you can still for example, go to a park to have a picnic and just enjoy each other. Just sitting in a park and enjoying the sunshine together means a lot. Or if you would rather, you could even take your children along. You just need to spend time more with your significant other and children. You can do something together that both of you enjoy.

Don’t make up excuses and say that you don’t have enough time. I know that you can make the time if you really want to. Another idea, is to just go together and watch a movie that you both want to watch.

Treat your marriage like a gem. You know, a marriage can be looked at like a fine diamond. And, when you have a fine diamond you can’t put a price on it. That is because it’s so precious.