Surviving an Affair – What Wives Should Do

Has infidelity stalled your relationship with your man? How did you learn that your man is cheating on you? Do you still want to continue your marriage or just break it off? These are just some questions that most women think of after surviving an affair. No doubt, one out of three marriages has been infiltrated with infidelity. Many wonder as to how an affair can come to surface in a relationship. Also, many women wonder if they have a chance of survival after an affair. Here are some things that women should do.

1. Follow your gut instinct.

What’s amazing about women is their god given talent called the gut instinct. A woman can feel something’s not right. There’s this burning feeling to investigate and doubt the integrity of a husband. Women are wired to doubt and 80% of their gut feeling is true. Their suspicion of their man’s infidelity turns out right all along. You will notice that a certain scent lingers in his wardrobe, he takes longer hours in his work and he doesn’t take most of your calls. Start doubting because he may be cheating on you.

2. Confront him

To finally stop all the craziness and sleepless nights thinking about a suspicious affair, you can always ask him. Ask your husband straight up front. He may be full of so much guilt that he’s willing to confess. If he denies it yet your suspicions are strong, tell him that one way or another, the truth will still surface.

3. Ask your husband if he wants to stay in the relationship or not.

The reason why husbands cheat on their wives because they are either unhappy or their wives aren’t able to provide their need may it be sexually, emotionally and physically. Ask your husband if he still wants to make your marriage work out. This is going to be tough because you have to let him choose between you or his lover. Be ready to face the decision he has made.

4. Let him promise to break the ties with his lover.

If he agrees to get things fixed, you must tell him to break off with his lover. You must tell him that he mustn’t communicate with the girl in one way or another. There should be no more dinner dates, sex, quick coffee breaks and phone calls between the two. It has to stop. You have to tell him to stop.

5. Tell him you love him.

What matters most in your relationship with your man is that you love him. You have to tell him. You have to show him as well that you love him. It may difficult at these times. But you need to show that you love him. After all, you both decided to stay in this marriage.

6. Take time to heal, let go and trust.

Trusting some one who has cheated on you can be very hard. Let time heal your wounds. Learn to forgive him and slowly trust him. He may have changed. If he decided on staying, that means he loves you and is willing to make things better.

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