Laser Hair Therapy

It does not matter if you’re male or female. Baldness is does not have a preference for gender. The sad truth is that it can happen to anyone.

Baldness is not something that people welcome with open arms. In fact, a considerable number of individuals freak out at the early signs of baldness. This includes the thinning of the crown and receding hair line. Fortunately, technology has gone a long way and there are now several options for hair loss treatment and restoration that fit your needs.

There are several hair loss treatments that are available in Tampa. There is a procedure that focuses on changing one’s diet. Proponents of this hair loss treatment believe that the nutritional content of the food we intake have significant effects on the stimulation of follicles all over the body. Such a treatment looks at the long term results that will hopefully lead to permanent hair retention and consistent growth.

One of the most popular hair restoration techniques among Tampa residents is a transplant procedure. Hair transplant involves the surgical implantation of specimens of hair gathered from the side area of one’s head. It is preferred that people who undergo this treatment still have a good amount of live follicles on the majority of their head. However, techniques using samples from other people are being tested for the benefit of the predominantly bald.

But for those of you who do not want to undergo certain surgical procedures however minor they are, there is now a new hair loss treatment that will work for your benefit. With the help of laser technology, your thinning crowning glory can be restored into it’s old lush self.

Laser hair therapy consists of a number of sessions (depending on the extent of one’s baldness) which uses low levels of laser to stimulate cellular activity. Through this, hair follicles grow faster than their usual rate.

Laser hair therapy is not only used for a balding head. It can also be done in other parts of the body. However, reality dictates that laser hair therapy be done on the head to restore growth, while used on the other parts of the body as a form of hair removal method. Relatively high levels of laser tend to decrease production of keratin and follicles.

There are several types of laser hair therapy. This includes Low Level Laser Hair Therapy, Laser Hair Combed Therapy, and Laser Luce. The type of hair therapy that is done on a patient depends on the diagnosis of his or her doctor. Whatever type you undergo, make sure that you are prepared for the outcome. Do not expect that hair will grow after your first session. It may take two to three sessions before significant growth becomes noticeable.