Pre Employment Background Check For Employers

Pre employment background check for employers is very important these days. So is pre employment checking for employee’s very vital factor.pre employment screenings are very important these days. This is has been made a compulsion by the federal law or by the state law.

On the other hand, job seekers conduct pre employment background checks on employers because of their concern for safety and security. People applying for jobs are cautious of the company to which they are applying.

Why Are Pre Employment Checks Done?

These checks are performed for several reasons. Some of these reasons are listed as:

• Negligent Hiring: crime is increasing day by day. An employer is held responsible if his employee’s action offend someone. This risk that is involved compels an employer to conduct a pre employment check. An employer has the right to go for employee criminal background check. In case employers recruit the wrong kind of people, they may have to pay a heavy price as far as the company’s reputation is concerned and the budget if the company is concerned. No longer do people bank upon instincts, as far as recruitment is concerned.

• Current Events: these have given a boost to employment background checks.

• Child Molestation And Child Abduction: child abuse is on the rise. This step is a means to stop child abuse. By this you can catch criminals!

• Terrorist Activities Of September 11 Of The Year 2001: terror has spread everywhere across the globe and most importantly in people’s mind. Employers are concerned about the security. A detailed background check will reveal the real identity of the people.

• False / Unreal Information: on several instances false information are given out by several people seeking jobs. These are mentioned to enhance their resume. These fraud cases are almost always in the news. Human resource officers are always on the alert to catch those who are guilt of placing false information in their resume. Those people who are in charge of recruitment are not ready to believe someone on face value. Proper documents are asked to publish along with the application to support what they have written. Several questions are asked on the things mentioned. These help the employers to evaluate how honest is the job seeker.

• Federal Laws And State Laws: pre employment back ground check is a law in some states. This is especially applicable to those jobs that are concerned with children, aged people and those who are mentally or physically disabled. Not only these jobs, for many state government jobs or central government jobs, background check is compulsory.

Pre employment background check is absolutely justified.

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