Steer Clear of Laptop Thieves With Anti-Theft Devices

With technological advancements exceeding all expectations, laptops have become an increasingly important part of our lives. Working just like your common desktop, laptops have the same capacity and the software, but have one singular advantage over PC’s – they are portable!

With this kind of connectivity, you can now take all your work with you; wherever you go. This particular quality of laptops has made them exceedingly useful to all those employees who are constantly on the move, but are always required to remain in contact with their offices. Unfortunately, the mobility and information stored in these laptops not only make them useful to employees, but also make them very valuable to laptop thieves. If laptop security is a major concern with you, then fret not! There are many effective ways to prevent your laptop from getting stolen.

Surveys have shown that nearly 15 percent of laptop thefts are done for the data stored in the device. However, in most cases of laptop theft, the thieves just head straight to the pawn shop.

So what do you do to prevent your laptop from getting stolen? Taking into consideration the tremendous losses, in terms of data and money, there are many ways to prevent laptop thefts from taking place, and if you have a laptop, it would do you good to read further.

Some good anti-theft prevention methods include:

1. Cables: Cables are probably the most cost effective and sturdy ways to stop laptop thieved from taking off with your laptop. Attach your laptop to an immobile object with a good security cable, and you’ll deter most thieves. Make sure your laptop comes replete with a Universal Security Slot, which is where you should attach your security cable. And always look for a cable that is good and sturdy. However, it is important to note that laptop cables are not fool proof.
2. Laptop Safes: Another effective method of protecting your laptop is by using a laptop safe. If you are constantly on the move, you could buy yourself a good portable safe that can be attached to any work surface. So, if you are planning on leaving your laptop at work overnight, keeping it in a laptop safe should guarantee safety.
3. Anti-theft Prevention Motion Sensors & Alarms: Not unlike those annoying car alarms that go off when touched, laptop alarms can discourage even the toughest of thieves from stealing your laptop. Today, many companies provide anti-theft alarms that are extremely effective in curbing thefts. Another method is to buy a sensory device that when moved, signals an alarm to sound off.

However, none of these options are as effective as Snuko’s anti-theft prevention products that prevent aspiring laptop thieves from making off with your prized laptop. These devices passively monitor your laptop’s position, and when armed, the sensors will detect whether the laptop has been moved or not.

The Snuko Blackbox software is a radical software device that is absolutely fool proof and combines a mixture of methods to make it 100% effective. Combining Internet based technologies with online tracking and real time monitoring of your laptop, this particular software will give any aspiring thieves a very hard time – even AFTER they have stolen your laptop!

With an astonishingly efficient network of servers together with automated as well manual correlation systems, Snuko provides customers with detailed feedback and round-the-clock protection. With such a fool proof device such as this, you no longer have to fear losing your most precious commodity!

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