What to Consider When Purchasing Printers and Copiers

There are many things that you have to consider when purchasing a printer or copier. How many people are going to be using the machine is one question that you have to think about. You will also have to think about what exactly the machine is going to be used for. The features on the particular machine will also have to be assessed as you may not need them.


There is a wide range of photocopiers on the market from various manufacturers. Some of these copiers will be able to handle a larger capacity than others and it is important that you know what capacity you need. You should also look at whether or not you need a colour copier or a monochrome one. If you are copying documents that do not need colour then you should assess whether you will have colour copying needs in the future. If you do not think you will then getting a monochrome copier is best.

Something to look at is multifunction copiers. This type of machine is best for small businesses as they eliminate the need for a separate printer, scanner, copier and fax. Larger businesses will often have a machine that has both printer and copier functions.

There are certain features that need to be assessed when considering any photocopier. One of these is the speed at which it copies. How many pages per minute can be printed? When looking at these features you will have to be aware of the fact that many will not copy at the advertised speed. There are other variables that need to be taken into account like the whether you are duplex copying or not. Another feature to look for is whether more than one job can be input at a single time. This is a good feature to have if more than one person is going to be using the machine. Additionally see if the copier has memory where you can store repetitive tasks so you can save time when doing them.

Canon copiers

There are many different brands of copiers on the market with Canon copiers being one of them. Canon is believed to be one of the best manufacturers on the market and they have a large range of copiers you can choose from. The range you want to look at will depend greatly on what you want the copier to do. Some of the Canon photocopiers will be able to do much more than others but you have to decide whether you need the features or not.

Colour and monochrome copiers can be bought from Canon. Of course some of the copiers will be much faster and hold more pages. The ranges of the copiers will vary from industrial copiers for large offices to personal copiers that can sit on a desk. Multifunction copiers will have many different features so you have to know what you need before you purchase the copier.

There are many things that need to be considered when purchasing printers and copiers. What they are printing and copying is the most important thing to consider as well as how many people will be using it. The features need to be assessed and you should also look at different makes.

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