Why Use Internet Parental Controls?

Allowing your children unmonitored access to the content on the internet is like dropping them off in the middle of a big city alone and with no guidelines. Would you ever consider doing that with your teenager, let alone a young child? Parents are doing this every day with their children by allowing them to go online with no guidance and no way of controlling what they do or see.

The content available on the Internet is not regulated. Anyone can upload text, photos, videos. Anyone can build a web site. The only way for parents to ensure that their children are not exposed to harmful websites, videos and activities online is by using a parental control solution – a software application that provides the tools needed to control what Internet content is allowed into your home.

Children are curious and they assume that if something is in their reach, they are allowed to access it. They are also naive and the porn industry takes advantage of this by placing pornographic content in places children are likely to see it. It was not too long ago that any child who looked for information about the Whitehouse would arrive to the website whitehouse.com only to find one of the more popular porn sites. Today, it is a generic site.

Children and teens are also susceptible to the temptation to investigate anywhere that is off limits. So when parents to set rules and limitation, but have no way to actually implement those rules, many kids will disobey.

The only way a child can be properly protected from unsuitable content on the internet is to install tamper proof parental controls that effectively block access to harmful and dangerous content. With parental filtering effectively placed, children may surf the internet safely in an environment that has been made secure by the parental control application.

Without effective parental software in place, a child can quickly find himself lost in a jungle of porn, sex, violence, gambling and more. Once children start looking a pornography online, they are drawn to explore further and can even become addicted.

Parental controls can limit a child’s internet environment and make their online world safe and secure. The five top reasons to install parental software are:

1. Parental Internet filtering provides control and is flexible enough to allow you to tailor permissions to suit all ages within the family.

2. Parental controls are the only child proof precaution that actually prevent children from browsing inappropriate content.

3. Children who have been subjected to inappropriate material on the Internet are not only at risk from exposure; they are also likely to persuade other children to join in the experience. Those children might include younger brothers or sisters and school friends.

4. Parental control software is not only highly effective in removing access to content that can be harmful. It provides management tools to limit time online and sets well defined borders for Internet use.

5. Parental software requires a minimal investment for drastically improving Internet safety in a home.

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