5 Must-Download Programs In Linux

If you are just getting started with your Linux system, you will find that most of the basic programs you need, such as a word processor and internet browser, are already installed. But you may have seen much cooler programs in other operating systems that you also want to use in Linux. Good news is, you will find Linux versions or great alternatives for such programs.

1. Skype and Pidgin

The latest version of Ubuntu comes with Empathy instant messenger client, which supports almost all IM platforms like Yahoo! Messenger and MSN. But if you have a Skype account, you can download the Linux version of the program from the Skype website. Pidgin is another nifty IM client that allows you to manage multiple IM accounts all under the same program.

2. Opera and Google Chrome

Firefox is the default browser provided by most of the Linux distro, but what if you prefer other browsers? Well, the two other popular browsers, Opera and Chrome, are also available in Linux, giving you the same user experience as using it in other operating systems. And if you are still not satisfied with those browsers, there are a handful of other Linux browsers you can choose from.

3. GIMP and XSane

Unfortunately, the popular image editing tool Adobe Photoshop is not available in Linux. But who says it’s the only image editing tool in the planet? You can download GIMP – a great alternative to Photoshop with almost the same features without the need to pay for it. XSane, on the other hand, is a program for scanning images that has a lot of features to help you customize the process.

4. Docky

Apple is always impeccable when it comes to the looks department. The dock feature of the Mac OS is an attractive graphical tool that similar programs for Windows have been made, such as the RocketDock. In Linux, you can also download Docky which allows you to quickly launch programs and minimize running applications on it.


If there are programs you love using in Windows but could not find a better alternative in Linux, simply download WINE and install that program just like you would in Windows. You’ll be surprised that a lot of your favorite programs will work!

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