A Year Ago Today

This week, the world is remembering that a great artist lost his life, Michael Jackson. We also lost other celebrities, family members and friends. Do you remember where you were a year ago today?

I was sitting at my desk working on a talk show and thought about where I came from. It is a popular saying in church ,”You don’t know like I know what God has done for me!” There are times in our life when popular sayings and clichés are life and not words. I am a result of that fact.

Last year, I suffered for over 3-4 months severe signs of stress including chest pain, headaches and fatigue. There was one person in my life besides my family that recognized that I was not feeling well at all. On this week (Week of June 26, 2010) last year, my daughter had to rush me to a local hospital with signs of a heart attack, stroke or both. After exams and test, it was neither. I stayed in the hospital for a week and had to take time right then to decide who and what were the most important in my life.

We can go through life trying to prove our worth, our love and knowledge to others. The bottom line is, that when you are gone, you are easily replaced. So our priority has to be based on that foundational truth. While you are working like a new age servant for others and unable to do for anyone else, your position on the board, with a company and in relationships will be replaced and the program will go on. Believe or not!

Since I have been given another chance at reaching my goals and dreaming my dreams, I have taken every day and made it the best that I can. I recently shared on my talk show that if you are alive, then so are your dreams. You may be reading this and feel that a project or assignment that you had in life is over. You are the perfect candidate to look in the mirror and say, “Not so!” Call someone; get on the internet, “Google” the topic. It is time to see your dream begin to manifest.

Some dreams are not projects, but desires and hope for life and happiness. We all have those visions. One sure way to fight thoughts that these things will never happen is to look to the future and forget the past. Just like me, you have to realize that if you lived through it, your chances are still there to have victory and celebrate what is to come.

Keys for today:

* Give thanks daily in prayer and meditation. Your direction will come to you during that time.
* Dismiss negative thoughts by only allowing positive energy in your area.
* Take time to exercise new mind set skills. Listen to great motivators.
* Don’t allow someone else’s disability to disable you. People try to make their problems yours. Because they struggle with being a happy person, does not mean you have to be unhappy.
* Challenge yourself to step into a place that you feared. The excitement of accomplishment will overtake you and cause you to want more!

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