Angular Chelitis Causes and Cures

If you have ever suffered from cracked or chapped lips with unsightly and painful cracks in the corners of your mouth then you know all about Angular Cheilitis even if you had not heard that term until now!

Angular Cheilitis, also known by the names Cheliosis, Angular Stomatitis and Perleche and often mis-spelt as Angular Chelitis is a painful and uncomfortable condition that can make the simplest tasks such as talking, drinking and eating excruciatingly painful. As sufferers will know, even opening your mouth is an uncomfortable experience when you have Angular Cheilitis.

One of the common causes of Angular Chelitis is thought to be bacterial and Fungi infections. If you do not keep your mouth and lips clean the corners of your mouth can become a place where bacteria and fungi thrive. Some believe that licking the lips to keep them moist will help but it seems that nothing could be further form the truth. Saliva can be a breeding ground for bacteria and as the cracks in your lips worsen and develop into painful sores, bacteria will often easily multiply in such an environment. Licking your cracked and dry lips, although a tremendous temptation, is therefore considered strictly a no-no.

If exposed to extremes of weather conditions you should be careful to keep your lips moist with a good quality lip balm or a moisturizer such as petroleum jelly. Over exposure to the sun can cause the lips to dry out and become chapped which can develop into Cheilitis. In extreme cases your doctor might prescribe you with an anti fungal cream to help eliminate the cracking at the corner of your lips. Moisturizing your lips overnight whilst sleeping is also essential to recovering from Chelitis.

Another common cause of Angular Chelitis is thought to be vitamin deficiency. If you suffer from Cheilitis on a recurring basis it might be a signal that your diet is lacking in iron and essential B vitamins such as Riboflavin, Niacin, Pyridoxine and Cyanocobalamin, more commonly known as vitamins B2, B3, B6 and B12. Food groups containing vitamins A and C are also essential to a healthy and balanced diet.

In order to make sure that your body receives sufficient quantities of these essential vitamins it is important to have a healthy diet including regular portions of green leafy vegetables, cereals and grains, soy products and fresh fruit.

If you take all of these practical preventative steps you should minimize your chances of suffering form Chelitis. The fact is however, that it is not entirely clear exactly what causes Angular Chelitis and in most cases, sufferers endure the pain and humiliation this condition can bring for months and even years.

If you have spent hundreds of dollars on balms and worthless prescriptions which may have temporarily alleviated your symptoms but not provided you with a lasting cure, salvation may be at hand. New methods are now available using two every day products found in most households to deal with Angular Cheilitis once and for all.

Sufferers from Angular Cheilitis the world over will be glad of this advance and the opportunity to get control of their life back and rid themselves of the unsightly red sores and cracks in their mouth forever.

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