Sinusitis Remedies

Have you ever considered acupressure as part of your self help sinusitis remedies repertoire?

The Chinese utilized acupressure long before they began to use needles to stimulate specific points on the body. Afraid of needles? No problem. You simply learn how to apply pressure over certain points which relaxes muscles and increases blood and energy flow to the sinuses.

  • For the best results utilizing acupressure optimize your surroundings.

  • Keep your room warm and quiet.
  • Trim fingernails to avoid bruising yourself and wash your hands.
  • Warm your hands in some warm water if you tend to have cold hands.

Hold each acupressure point with a steady pressure for one to three minutes. Apply the pressure slowly with the tips of the fingers. If you sense resistance or tension in the area, you may want to push a little harder. But relax the pressure if your hand tires.

You may feel tenderness at an acupressure point if the energy is blocked around that point. A-h-h sweet relief flows in as you hold pressure on this point.

Breathe gently while holding each point. But be sure to breathe! Breathing helps mobilize the energy flow too.

Massage the acupressure points one or more times per day to keep the energy flowing.

Sinusitis remedies by way of acupressure:

For congested nose and sinuses: Place index fingers beside each nostril, then move the index fingers toward the ears about one-half inch. Gradually increase the pressure on the point and hold for one to three minutes. Breathe in, hold, breathe out.

Other points for congested nose and sinuses: Put your right index finger at the inner edge of your right eyebrow and your left index finger at the inner edge of your left eyebrow. Move your fingers around a bit until you feel the drainage out of your sinuses when you apply pressure. You may find tender spots.

Massage the web between your right thumb and index finger with the thumb and index finger of your left hand for 30 seconds. Then switch and massage the left web.

This technique may remind you of an Eskimo kiss: Warm your hands by rubbing them together. Then rub the tip of your nose with the palm of one hand in a circular motion 15-20 times. Then reverse the direction of the circular motion another 15-20 times. To relieve the congestion in your sinuses or nose and to avoid sinus problems perform this procedure a few times each day.

For sinus headaches: Find this acupressure spot by pinching your thumb and index finger together. You will see a depression in your palm. Put your other index finger in that depression. Hold steady pressure there for one to three minutes.

Remember these precautions for acupressure:
1. Always consult your health care practitioner for treatment of your medical conditions.
2. During pregnancy or if you have a heart condition do not use acupressure.
3. Avoid pressing on any acupressure point covered by a mole, varicose vein or skin wound.

As part of your natural sinus remedies acupressure rates high. You can perform it anywhere, nothing to carry in a suitcase. You can utilize it any time, how convenient. And it’s completely free of charge. Now could you ask for anything better than that?

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