Chronic Kidney Problem Diet

Chronic kidney problems have many causes, but with the help of routine check-ups with the medical professional and a diet that is suitable for chronic kidney problems, it can be controlled and kidney problems can be avoided. If you are looking for answers to your questions to whether what diet to follow, you are absolutely on the right path. Sit back, relax and continue reading as you will be able to understand the diet for chronic kidney problem at the end of this article.

There are a few restrictions you have to follow in this diet regimen. Let me now mention to you the first restriction, which is fluid restriction. Then you also have to limit salt and salt substitute in your diet, so with phosphorus. You might ask why there are only these three limitations. There are a lot of limitations once you have chronic kidney problem but these three are just a few from a lot more. Rest assured, these three restrictions could help you control the progression of kidney damage.

First to consider is fluid restrictions. Fluids are restricted especially in individuals who have chronic kidney problems because fluid may cause overload not just in your kidneys but also to your heart, which may cause your heart to pump more and work harder, to your lungs that may lead you to have difficulty in breathing and to other parts of the body such as ankles, hands and feet. With chronic kidney problem, fluids are not being eliminated well by your kidneys that is why it causes burden to your system.
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Diet with sodium restriction could also help to fluid overload because sodium attracts water. Therefore, if you eat less amount of sodium, you attract less water that may cause overload as I was pointing out earlier. Sodium, as we all know, are minerals found naturally in food. Foods high in sodium are the one we usually ingest and eat, because these foods primarily give us the feeling to crave for more.

On the other hand, as we oftentimes forget, we also have to consider limiting the intake of phosphorus especially when the individual begin to consider dialysis treatment. Phosphorus may cause calcium to leech out the bones that may cause further damage such as osteoporosis and fractures.

After few minutes of reading the article, you are now able to understand why these foods or elements have to be eaten limitedly. Fluid restriction, salt and phosphorus limitations in the diet may control the progression of the disease and prevent any further damage to the kidneys. Diet for chronic kidney problem is never an easy way to follow especially if we got used to how tasty and delicious the limited foods are, but always remember that it will always be possible to have a healthy and yummy selection of food every day even though amount of food has been eliminated.

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