Change Your Name Online

Changing your name is a straightforward process which can now be completed online. Some people apply online for Deed Polls to change their name following a marriage, divorce, civil partnership or due to difficulties in spelling or pronouncing an unusual name. Whatever, ones reason maybe for changing their name, this can be legally completed online through applying for Change of Name Deed, often referred to as a Deed Poll. This document allows one to change their forename, middle name or last name and add or omit names.

A Deed Poll is a legal document, which binds an individual to follow the particular course of action stated. In order for one to officially change their name the most common method used is a Deed Poll. The first step to changing your name is to decide on your new name and then apply for a Deed Poll document.

It is now possible to change your name online without the need to visit a solicitor or spend large sums of money. Such companies provide online forms to complete and in this case offer a telephone helpline and application service. It is also possible to order application forms to complete by post. Applying for a Deed Poll using an online service can speed up the process significantly and allows you to complete the application at your own convenience. When applying for a Deed Poll it is also possible to order more than one copy of the Change of Name Deed, especially if one wishes to change over their records promptly. This service is offered by most Change of Name companies.

Once the Change of Name Deed has been drawn up, showing the former name and new name, the document is then executed. This simply means the document must be signed by the applicant in both their former name and new name and the witness must also sign the document. The witness must be over eighteen years of age, not live at the same address as the applicant and be independent of them. It is also a requirement that the witness can speak and read English to a certain standard. An ideal witness would be a friend, colleague or neighbour.

The Deed Poll commits the person executing it to renounce and abandon the use of their former name, adopt their new name at all times and requires that everyone address them by their new name.

Once the Change of Name has been executed, that is signed and witnessed the document can be used to notify the relevant authorities and organisations of the name change. A Deed Poll enables one to change over their records to their new name, with the exception of their birth certificate, which is a ‘matter of fact document’ which was correct when issued. However, the Deed Poll document will effectively override the information shown on the birth certificate. Therefore, by keeping a copy of the Deed Poll document with the birth certificate there should be no issues when next asked to present this document. The Change of Name document will ensure that one can update their Passport, Driving Licence, National Insurance details and Healthcare information into their new name. It is also important to note that past educational certificates will also remain in the former name, and therefore it would be necessary to present a copy of the Change of Name Deed alongside such documents.

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