Employment Law and Regulations

Employment law and regulations are a complex set of laws that govern the labour environment or sector in a country. Due to the extensive nature of diversification in the labour sector, these laws and regulations have over time become more and more complex, both in content and in interpretation. They govern both the employer and the employee and serve as the basis or foundation for any contracts drawn and signed by both parties. Employers and employees however, find themselves at an acute disadvantage when faced with the daunting task of navigating these laws and regulations. This is where retaining the services of a competent employment law solicitor becomes important.

The concerned solicitors are individuals or firms trained and experienced in all matters that pertain to employment law. More often than not, the established solicitation firms comprise a number of solicitors. These solicitors each have a certain field of the law department and regulations in which they have specialized in. In addition, having dealt with these matters over time, they develop the kind of experiential expertise that one would need from a legal representative.

If you are an employer, retaining the services of such a lawyer is important for a number of reasons. Hiring various persons on different terms of employment will mean having to fully comprehend the contents of the contracts being drawn out. This is to ensure that the contracts being drawn up reflect and cater to the interests of both the company and the prospective employee. Disregarding one minor aspect may introduce grounds for future disproportionate compensation if that employee decides to sue. In addition, terms of employment are rarely reviewed over time and this sometimes makes certain elements of it obsolete as the employment laws and regulations evolve. In all this, the employer needs to have a lawyer beside them at every stage of the decision making process to highlight any necessary aspects surrounding employment law and regulations.

Concomitantly, as an employee, this law and attendant regulations can either be your shield and defence or a loophole through which an employer may escape with your compensation. It is therefore important that before signing any employment terms, one consult an employment solicitor. They will be in a position to explain the various aspects of these statutes as well as interpret the contract explicitly. Trying to understand these laws and regulations as a layman may ultimately prove disastrous. Take some time to call up or visit an employment and regulations solicitor as they will ensure you are in a position to make the best decisions that attend to your interests adequately.

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