Do You Suffer From Motion Sickness And Need Relief?

Do you suffer from car sickness, air sickness, or get sick while flying in a plane? Of course these are all caused by the same thing, motion. Really this a side effect of an imbalance in the way your vision sees objects in motion, and what your vestibular system is interpreting. Incidentally, the vestibular system is a series of canals of the inner ear which we use to maintain balance and sense orientation and movement.

So what’s the big deal you say? The big deal is that many people are afraid to travel at all due to their fear of getting deathly ill right in the middle of their trip. Whether it’s flying, or taking a cruise on a luxury liner, or just traveling by train to another state to see relatives, this fear is very real. If you have never experienced motion sickness, I can tell you its pretty awful. Many people vomit uncontrollably, and need to lie down in order to just make it through the trip at all. Does that sound like a fun way to spend your vacation?

motions sicknessWhat exactly is the cure for motion sickness then? There are many natural ways to cure motion sickness, some work better than others of course. There may be ways to reduce the feeling of motion sickness even without any kind of medication or other apparatus, and here’s an example. Say you’re on a ship and you start to feel a little queasy. Chances are it’s because you are inside the cabin, or inside another part of the ship or boat where you can’t see the water. This is the cause of motion sickness – your inner ear feels the motion, but your eyes don’t see it! A simple way to fix this is to go to the deck of the ship so your eyes can see the water, which should provide some relief.

Not all people are that lucky that a simple visual cue will relieve their motion sickness. Others are so sensitive to the motion, which they get sick even if they are able to “see with their eyes” the motion they are experiencing. What else might work to lessen their sickness? There are other natural cures for motion sickness, such as wrist bands that apply pressure to the wrist in such as way as to relieve the sickness. This is somewhat akin to acupuncture, as the wrist is a pressure point where nerves converge.

Other methods are more of a pharmaceutical approach, such as the transdermal patch for sickness which contains a drug called scopolamine. This drug is thought to work fairly well for many, and is sold over the counter in many areas of the country. Another drug commonly used is Dramamine which is over the country and is actually an antihistamine. The way Dramamine works is to cause you to become sleepy, thus dulling the senses hopefully enough to stop the motion sickness. This side effect is not always a good one, especially if you are on vacation and wish to enjoy the trip!

Whatever your level of discomfort in traveling and having to deal with this sickness, find relief so that you can finally travel again without fear of this sickness. There are cures out there, and one will surely work in your favor if you give it a chance.