Dry Shampoo and How to Use It

Dry ShampooI wanted to talk a little about Dry Shampoos, not only because there is an influx of new products out there in the stores but also because I am about to launch my very own! Yippee, I’ve been working on it for over a year!

Anyway, Dry Shampoos used to be known as the stuff your mum would buy to make her hairstyle last a bit longer, with very white powdery sprays that not only is left on the head for all to see but the smell of it used to practically gas you out when sprayed!

But now, they have been re-vamped and have a brand new reputation as one of the ‘must haves’ in hair products. The new products not only absorb oils but also give the hair alot more body and thickness. Ideal for use on fine thin greasy hair. It leaves the hair with a rougher feel so the hair is more malleable.

They come in powder or spray form. The sprays are easier to use on full heads of hair whereas the powder ones are used to concentrate on particular areas. Both should do the same thing, although personally I find the sprays a little bit more sticky in feel. Sildenafil citrate tablets 100 mg

Reasons for use:

Greasy flat fringes – the powder will absorb the excess oils in the fringe and parting area to give it an edgier rougher look instead of the shiny flat look. Best to apply the powder onto your fingers or lightly sprinkle onto the roots and rub it into the the hair, don’t forget the very front where it falls onto your skin. (This is usually the worst part)

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Updos – The Dry Shampoo is fantastic for use on ‘updos’ When the hair is too clean and shiny the hair doesn’t hold very well so with the more powdery texture that the dry shampoo gives, the style will hold better and look more matte and less lacquered looking.

To add more body and oomph – sprinkle/spray dry shampoo all over the roots to give yourself fuller bigger hair. Brush or fluff it out after 5mins when the oils have absorbed.

Try not to overdo the application as the result can be too white or too chalky but if you do happen to overdo it, spritz it with a light misting of water to get rid of the white look.

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