Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

You had a tiring and exhausted last week. Even though, you will get some relief from a busy week, but this week may bring you to your toes. Because of your previous last week, you may experience lethargy in doing the given tasks. This may lead to minor depression, but your family and friends are always with you to support you. Your spiritual nature will be on high and you will be more devoted to your religious practices. During the second half of the day, some financial matters will appear which may keep you busy. Control your over-spending nature this week. If you want to know more about Scorpio weekly horoscope, read on…

Family life: Your week may start with some tussle in your family front. You are advised not to take anyone’s side. Stay with your principles, but do not give any verdict, as this may land you in more family issues. After the first half of the week, you may sit and talk with your family members, only if there is an issue related with money. Do not bother about the selfish members of your family, as they will understand their fault in time. This week is not a very good week to impose any rule in your family.

Romance: If you are paired, this week will be peaceful for you, especially for your love life. You are advised to avoid heated discussions over the issues such as behavior and mannerism. You partner may misunderstand you. If you are paired with Aries or Leo, you may find a tough time to manage your affair and family. If you are single, this week, there is a high chance to meet with many potential singles. Online chatting may help you to get your soul mate. However, this is not a very good week for falling for any temptation.

Friendship: Your friends are supportive to you. They love you and they know how to entertain you in your depression. If you have Gemini, Leo, Aquarius, Cancer, Pisces, and Cancer friends, they will be the source of entertainment in your life. But do not criticize your friends unnecessarily this week. You can plan for a shared hobby trip along with your professional friends at one of your friends’ place. If any friend helps you, do not try to return the favor, as this may lead to some misunderstanding between your close pals and you.

Career and finance: You have a promising professional life this week. Some new projects may come to your way, but always clear backlog of previous week. Some financial issues may also come, which may keep you busy this weekend. Do not work in the late hours of the night, this may effect on your health.

Some interesting facts about Scorpio weekly horoscope:

Most dominating traits: Dedicated and strong
Leading keyword: I desire
Most compatible sign: Taurus
Lucky numbers: 2, 4, 9, 16, 22, 36, 40, 58
Lucky colors: Scarlet, Red, Rust, crimson, burgundy, and maroon
Lucky day of the week: Tuesday
Lucky stone: Topaz and Bloodstone

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