Three Interesting Ideas for Writing Fiction Essays

Fiction essay writing deals with the imagination and imagination deals with creativity and creativity deals with good idea which is not everybody’s cup of tea, this is why, fiction essays mostly fall short to the standards. The biggest demand of a fiction essay is to present it in a way that makes it seems real which again not a very easy job is.

Ultimately, this is your duty to portray your fiction essay elements as real, the only thing we can do is to provide you with some awe-inspiring ideas for writing an awe-inspiring fiction essay. Following are those awe-inspiring ideas.

First idea:

You can write on science fiction

Today we can see so many movies based on science fiction like AVATAR, STAR TREK, and TRANSFORMERS etc. Why not select any one of them to write your fiction essay on, writing a science fiction essays on any movie will help a lot because you will just have to watch it which is obviously not a very difficult thing. Another approach that you would find useful would be base your fiction essay on any science fiction novel, like The Giver” and “The Stranger in the strange land.

Second idea:

You can write on fiction through non fiction essays :

This one is perhaps quite difficult; there are many questions that you need to answer before writing an essay on fiction through nonfiction essay.

What are characteristics of fiction that a writer uses in his nonfiction essays?
How do they incorporate those characteristics?
What are the benefits of using fiction in nonfiction essay writing?

There are many other things that you need to consider while writing nonfiction essays because it need a little more concentration and hard work then other types of writing.

Third idea:

You can write on Gothic fiction essay:

The term Gothic deals with the horror and its relationship with the other societal phenomena like love freedom, the best way is to go for a novel that is more contemporary like Twilight where a vampire fall in love with a human girl, you can either go for changes that came into the women after the emergence of Dracula or inequity for Frankenstein lead him to turn in to a monster, it is not necessary that you only go for horror stuff, you can also go for writing on gothic architecture that is quite famous or make it like the historical influence of gothic architecture.

Hence, there are many ways and perspective through which you can see fiction essays , you can see it as well, the only thing you should do is to focus more and conduct extensive research work in order to generate more and more ideas for writing fiction essay because fiction cannot be confined to a man made story, rather it is something more than that. But still if you are not able to generate creative and interesting ideas for fiction essay then you can always use the preceding fiction essay writing ideas. Select any one of the above and start writing.

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