Products Made in the USA Can Be Found

A few years ago stories were blasted all over the internet, TV and radio about how products, especially toys made in China were hurting our children. It was then that I decided to do something about it. Even though my kids were grown, I have two grand children and when I tried looking for gifts for them one holiday, I couldn’t find hardly anything that was still made in the USA!

I panicked! Kids love toys! Kids need to sleep on soft, warm blankets! Their natural urge for biting toys, sucking on things that they shouldn’t was a natural process of babies growing, teething and being. I couldn’t stand the fact that millions of items were being shipped into our country and our little ones, who are the future of America, were being given lead and other dangerous and toxic products.

I began a search, one product at a time for items made in the USA. You may think it is impossible to find but I’m here to tell you that is not! More expensive maybe to a fault, but not impossible. When you start researching, you will find that better quality products can be found right here in the good ol’ USA! They are being made by people who live in places you would never imagine, in middle America, small business owners who want to keep working and want to give you a safe and quality product.

American owned companies are included in my research as well. Let’s face it, there are some items that just not every single piece on it can be made in the USA. For example, pillows are very hard to find some of the material made here. But there are some companies out there who employ hard working Americans who want to keep their jobs and so I included them in my search as well. American owned companies keep their revenue in Main Street America.

Did you know that most of the American flags you buy are NOT made in the USA? When I realized that, I did find a great local company called Annin & Company Flagmakers who have been making our flags for many, many years.

More and more people are starting small companies online listing business websites with products made in the USA. Do your research or find a resource who has reviewed these sights. I found out many times that some of these listings are false. I’m sure they aren’t deliberately, but many people do not do their research and ask the company if any of their products are outsourced before they list them. Just be careful and know what to look for. A thorough search will find you many American made products.

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