The Company of Apple Is Going to Trade 3G IPhone At Full Rates

iPhone 3GS begins to attract people’s attention in the market, though when it first appeared, its main stream function and exquisite design are the attraction for people. According to media report, on March 22 some Apple fans published an internal memo of Apple company. The Apple claims in the internal memo that it is plan to allow U.S. customers to buy Apple iPhone at full price at the premise that they do not sign service contracts with AT&T Company.iphone usb cable Rule for Winter 2010

Given that iPhone is still in a locking state, the phone can’t be used until AT&T`S some wireless services are subscribed even the customer buys iPhone in full price. However, customers who bought iPhone at full price won’t have to obey the forced two-year plan of AT&T/iPhone. It provide customers with convinience to choose their compound wireless services.Great! Delicate google android 1.6 tablet pc Come out Last Week!

In the memo of the [all employees”, the Apple claimed that the customers can buy the iPhone in full price without iPhone Cases the AT & T Inc. service contract. The iPhone 3G of 8GB is 499 U.S. dollars; the iPhone 3GS of 16GB is 599 U.S. dollars; the price of the iPhone 3GS of 32GB is set at 699 U.S. dollars. The iphone case 3G of 8GB is 499 U.S. dollars; the iPhone 3GS of 16GB is 599 U.S. dollars; the price of the iPhone 3GS of 32GB is set at 699 U.S. dollars. The market analysts think that the measure for Apple to sell iPhone at full price will further compress the profit margin for AT & T selling the iPhone exclusively.iPhone 3G Case , Bring You A Flowery Life

In the memorandum, Apple company also refers to two limited items. Each client can only buy one iPhone mobile phone with full price. Each client can buy at most 10 full price phones. At present, iPhone users who give up the AT & T service contract on the basis that they don’t have another choice but to choose AT & T’s wireless services and turn to buy the full price of iPhone, there are two main reasons. After you buy a iPhone at full price, you can choose to sigh a short-term service contracts with AT&T Company. In the future, after Apple and other wireless service carriers sign a cooperation agreement, you can choose the wireless service operators.The Charm of iphone on sale You May Not Know

Michael Gartenberg, the analyst of the Enterprise Market Analysis Altimeter Group, pointed that the memo reveals a piece of message with a glimmer of “ironic”. Hey Colorists! Keep Away from M001 ! The fact that full price iPhone clients need to sign the wireless service contract with AT&T company shows that Apple company doesn’t have the internal changes in the developing thoughts. How to Surmount the Smirch of your iPhone Cases

Last year, the AT & T Inc. only sell to the old customers the iPhone without two-year contract. At that time, the price of 8GB iPhone mobile phone is 599$; the price of 16GB iPhone mobile phone is 699$. The expert speculates that the move foretells that Apple may choose cooperate with other wireless firms after AT&T`s exclusive selling contract is expired.

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