Get Rid Of System Defragmenter Malware

A majority of the malware on the internet today is designed to look and act like pc security software to the naked eye, but in the background they usually cause so many issues that you are about to do anything, including purchasing a copy of the fake security software in an attempt to save your computer and the information that is saved on it.

While the concept is the same, the type of program the malware pretends to be has changed. Now, malware are being disguised as PC maintenance software, including defragmentation programs. One example is a program called system defragmenter.

System defragmenter is installed through the use of pop up’s that tell you that your PC is in serious need of a tune up to improve performance and you can download a copy of the software for free. Once on your PC the malware scans your PC for any file errors or memory problems. Once done it will have a rather large list of problems that supposedly need to be repaired. If you do not purchase the program outright, then you will begin to experience a growing number of issues with your PC when what you do need to so is to get rid of system defragmenter because there are no problems.

Next, you are going to start having problems with opening and using programs. They will be stopped from opening and the following message will appear:

“The exe file you attempted to open is corrupted and has been terminated to protect other files on your hard drive”

Programs will work at random though if you try to access them enough.

You will also start receiving a growing number of messages that give you a variety of problem messages including:

#1 Caution! 30% of your hard drive has been damaged and the information stored on it may be unrecoverable

#2 The temperature of your hard drive is reaching critical levels due to un-optimized files and hard drive damage. Immediate action is necessary to preserve the rest of your information.

#3 Your PC is in danger of crashing due to abnormal levels of heat buildup. You must improve your hard drive efficiency to decrease the temperature before it’s too late.

None of these messages are true and the only thing you need to do is to get rid of the system defragmenter malware. These messages and many more like them will appear to continuously appear on your computer. The goal here it to panic you so badly that you purchase a copy of the software to save your information.

But even if you purchase a copy, you still have all of the problems and messages mentioned above.
Your best option at this point is to download a system scanner to clean this malware infection off your PC and perform a system and registry scan to get rid of all the problems it causes. That way you can regain control of your PC and protect the information you have saved. If you have this malware or any malware on your computer scan it now to get rid of system defragmenter malware quickly.

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