How to Get Rid of Malicious Spyware

How to get rid of spyware? Wait, what’s spyware to begin with?

Well unfortunately, most people have no idea what it is and why they should get rid of it. Most people think that spyware is another form of virus, while others know just the partial truth; that they’re here to gather info. Some of us know the entire truth and to be honest, some spyware we can’t live without, so you first need to know what spyware is before you try and get rid of it.

Not to make this part overly long, there are three basic types of spyware:

1. The essential ones like cookies, which are used in everyday browsing and won’t harm your computer in any way.

2. There’s traditional spyware like Adware, which is used to gather info for market research and promotions. It’s also used to track our history, shopping habits and even record our name and address.

3. The third type of spyware is the one that we should be cautious of, malicious spyware, which is used to steal our data and the one that makes identity theft possible. Some of these spyware apps are even able to monitor our keystrokes and thus even get hold of our private login info.

So how do we fight spyware?

There are three types of spyware and guess what, there are three types of anti spyware methods, but they’re all used to prevent spyware type two and three.

The first and the most basic type is your firewall. Software firewall is installed on your computer and it mostly comes with your OS.

Hardware firewall is on the router or your modem, most internet providers have their servers protected by high quality firewalls, but they’re not top protection, in fact they’ll pass more than 10% of malicious software, which is counted in the millions.

Of course, the second known type of anti-spyware is anti-virus software. Almost every established anti-virus program comes with a spyware cleaner or spyware protection, but like firewalls they have their bad sides and they mostly allow spyware to be installed and then clean them afterwards, which may be hard once a virus makes it’s bed on your computer.

That is exactly why the best option to keep your computer spyware clean is by using special anti-spyware programs. These are programs specifically manufactured to battle spyware of all types; hence they’re the best choice.

What also makes them great is the fact that they have a lifetime purchase that comes with a lifetime update with new spyware detected.

I know most people will recommend a certain spyware, but the fact is that certain spyware may be good for some and bad for others. Click the links below for more information about Spyware.

My personal recommendation is to utilize all three methods. Firewall you already have on your router and with your service provider, you can’t surf the internet without anti-virus software installed and you can add a spyware protection program to make your security top notch.

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