NAS Storage – Today’s Answer to the Solution

With storage requirements ever growing, even home users find themselves needed to buy external storage devices to meet their needs. Today rather than purchasing expensive enterprise SAN solutions home users can opt to purchase NAS – Network Attached Storage devices which allows them to store vast amounts of data that is readily available across ethernet and wireless connections.

Todays NAS units offer expanadle storage options, including internal SATA drive storage or high end SAS serial attached scsi options.

A top designer and producer of NAS enclosures and solutions is Thecus. Thecus offer a wide range of NAS models from 2 drive units to full featured solution that offer raid 1 5 or 10 data protection models and media itunes streaming.

NAS can be managed via HTTP clients and offer full media transfer and processing capabilities via HTTP, FTP, eMule and even BT.

The N500 series offers built in support for CCTV units and direct streaming and recording for use in security monitoring.

Prices of NAS are coming down as technology inevitably gets cheaper, and home users can now benefit from what was only available in previous eneterprise class NAS units.

Todays users save entire albums, movies and high definition movies for playback anytime, anywhere, and NAS is the perfect solution for always on, always available storage.

Typically NAS should include USB interfaces, gigabit ethernet port(s), disk interfaces including an external eSATA interface, thermal monitoring, management tools and software, download manager, print software solution embedded. Other features you may consider is advanced storage availability, RAID, Snapshots, realtime disk checks and more.

When your deciding on a NAS consider Thecus as an option for the perfect storage solution, no one can deny their style and with that comes along a name you can trust, again and again.

Many of the modern NAS units are also green, meaning they draw less power requirements and end up saving you on your power bills due to increased awareness of sleep modes or reduced disk usage for quiet periods.

Whatever users are into, they will not be able to live without a NAS once they have experienced the flexibility and availability that NAS ultimately gives to them. No more worrying about a single disk failure, shot PSU, blue screen, OS crash etc – the data is protected and integrity is ensured via advanced features and functions.

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