Protect Your Skin With at Home Sunless Tanning

When you are looking for ways to get a beautiful tan without the harmful effects of UV rays and overexposure from the sun, there are many different products to choose from- so many, in fact, it can seem overwhelming. Among the sprays, lotions, foams and airbrush options it’s hard to tell which is the best product for you and the results you are looking for. This article will talk about sunless spray tan and why this method is one of the best for an even, healthy glow that keeps your skin and body safe.

Sunless spray tan is a method of tanning derived from the use of an airbrush gun and specially developed coloring that is safe, even good, for the skin. The colorant is made with amino acids making it naturally bond to the skin for a more natural look and longer lasting glow. Sunless spray tan kits can be purchased and used in the comfort of your own home, though it’s recommended you have a professional sprayer assist you the first couple of times if you are not familiar with the use of a spray gun to ensure you use the equipment the right way and learn how to spray evenly. Once you know how to spray correctly, you will be able to give yourself and your friends beautiful bronzed skin without a visit to a salon or attracted the harmful effects of UV rays.

Another great benefit of sunless spray tan is you can customize each tan every time for exactly the look you want. If you simply want a natural all over glow you can do it, or create definition on your body to look great for bikini season. You can also just brighten up a little for a special occasion. No matter what kind of tan you are looking for sunless spray tanning and the equipment used for it are a small investment to make for a lifetime of healthy tanning and a beautiful glow you want and deserve to feel great every day. Have your friends over for a spray tan party and help them look great for less too.

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