Commercial Acne Remedies Vs Natural Cures

Natural remedies for acne have come out from its comfort zone and hit the market to a great extent. Any product which has an herbal or natural tag has got an edge over prescribed medicines amongst customers psychologically. Natural remedies are cheaper and have much lesser side effects compared to other acne medications and chemicals.

Natural remedies come in various forms of products. For instance, they can be edible and included in ones diet, topically applicable, or just in the form of dosage.

There are many companies who market and sell them in a large scale globally. These products are sold in retail and can be found in many food and drug stores.

There are natural derivatives which are present as the active ingredient in many herbal products.

For instance:

  • Tea tree oil is popularly known for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It is very effective to remove dirt and oil from the skin. Tea tree oil is either available in its concentrated from or is available as an active ingredient in products like face and body washes.
  • Neem is an herb and its remedial properties are in existence time immemorial. The leaves of neem has antibacterial properties and helps in eliminating bacteria from the skin and body. In the market, it is available as a dietary supplement, as a lotion, cream or soap for topical use.

Nowadays, the world of biotechnology has broadened its horizons. Research and Development has become exemplary and most importantly, it creates case studies to understand the reactions and effectiveness of the natural remedies for acne.

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90% of the acne treatments available in the market are not 100 % curable and are very expensive. Natural remedies may give slower results but with regular usage of natural ingredients, acne can be cured to a great extent. Not to mention you are not using chemicals on or in your body. At least, our body wouldn’t be subjected to side effects given be synthetic drugs.

Marketing a new herbal product or finding the right kind of product for specific skin type requires knowledge, experience and marketing skills. If the seller doesn’t have appropriate knowledge about the natural ingredient, it may be difficult to convince the buyer.

With a very genial market available, products can be picked up with recommendations and can be tried out with less risk of having any side effects. Any medicine whether it is synthetic or herbal, it is clinically trialed before it hits the market.