Proper Shaving With Acne

Proper Shaving With Acne

I’m sure it’s universal knowledge that when someone has acne on the face… he should be extremely careful while shaving. If the acne is too severe, then you should rather treat the acne first for a day or so before shaving. Shaving over the pimples will aggravate more infections to other areas, as well as scarring.

There are some simple steps we can take when shaving on your face that has acne:

Using a one-bladed razor is very important, when dealing with acne. And also wielding a heavier shaver can assist you in not applying to much pressure. Lightweight blades force you to use more pressure, which is not what you want. You can even try using electrical or safety blades. This will not give you a close shave, but at least the acne is not irritated. Multi-bladed razors give such a “close shave” that it is prone to cut open the acne. A double-bladed shaver is intended to shave right at the hair follicle, and that can cause inflammation and scarring.

Before you shave, we need to our skin to be friendly towards shaving. We can prepare by washing our faces with warm water to soften the skin. Then to begin we can apply shaving cream on the area to be shaved, and let it set for a few minutes, (this will soften the hair). Wash it off, and then apply the shaving cream again, this time with larger amounts to produce a thicker lather. So by following this simple preparation, you will greatly reduce the risk of scarring.

Shaving against the grain of the hair should definitely be avoided. The reason for that is: it enhances scarring, and secondly makes your hairs grow prickly. From personal experience, I actually got cut when I didn’t have acne, so that technique is not very good.

Having a lighter touch as you skim across the skin helps reduce scarring. Using a mild toner (that doesn’t contain alcohol), or an anti-bacterial gel is excellent to use as an aftershave. Since shaving dries out the skin, you should put on a moisturizing face mask or something similar to nourish and hydrate the skin once more.

By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to shave confidently, and without a scar on your face! Trust me; by following the right procedures, any guy can avoid this scarring when shaving. But in the meantime, it’s up to you to remove whatever acne that’s left on your face so that you don’t need to worry about scarring.
Almost everyone suffers from acne nowadays, and getting rid of acne naturally can sometimes be like “chasing the wind”. But it is possible to completely heal your acne scars and remove the acne from your face forever! And it doesn’t have to be expensive medical treatments either.