Peppermint Tea and Clear Skin

Are you suffering from facial blemishes such as blackheads, spots and uneven tone? These are usually caused by excess sebum on your pores and skin. Sebum is a natural oil that is produced by your body to protect, lubricate and to have a healthy skin. But if your body produces too much sebum, spots will appear. Having great skin is a must as it is our first line of denfence against any infections that could enter the body.

There are many products available in the market that says it can cleanse and whitens your face. But if you prefer natural ways or home remedies for cleansing your skin, read this article. It focuses on peppermint tea and clear skin.

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Peppermint or mentha piperita makes a very delicious and healthy herbal tea. It has a pleasant aroma. If you want to make it as a tea, peppermint can be used alone but it can also be combined with other herbs. Combining with other herbs can enhance its flavor and uses. Peppermint has many uses because of its high level of menthol.

How do you now correlate this tea and clear skin? By drinking peppermint tea, you will be able to attain clear and glowing skin because of its medicinal properties. Also, it contains no caffeine.

How do you now use peppermint tea to help clear or maintain clear skin?

Purchase peppermint tea from the online site provide in the resource box. Boil your water. Put a teabag in a cup and add the boiled water to it. Allow it to rest for a few minutes to infuse. If you would like it stronger use 2 teabags. It is better not to use sugar as it is not a food for clear skin. This tea can also be drunk cold and it still has its delicious taste so hot or cold it can be incorporated as as part of your meal.

This tea is known to boosts blood circulation giving your skin a vibrant glow as well as clearing your mind.

In addition to this, when you bathe in peppermint tea, it can help you treat skin problems such as rashes and burns. What you can do is just add one quart of peppermint tea in your bath tub or in your bath water.

To equate this tea and clear skin follow the above suggestions in order for you to attain your most desired glowing skin. The peppermint tea is a very easy remedy that helps blood to be purified and detoxify.

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