Electric Upright Bass

EUB or electric upright bass also known as stick bass is a known type of bass played in many venues, concerts, live shows, opera or theatre. It is played in vertical position. It is an electrically driven device that is able to play a note with more volume.

This bass originated from double bass instrument. It is planned or created artistically so that it will be as efficient as the double bass. In fact, it is made to improve the usability and sound quality instruments.

The make of a double bass is the basis of how the upright bass instrument was made. The upright bass however can produce a more expanded or exaggerated audio quality compared to the double bass.

Just like the double bass instrument, the electrical upright bass is made in a way that it could fit the musician’s body. It is played upright against the musician’s body. There are many different sizes of this bass and it is important that a person is aware of his own body and the size of a certain bass.

The user may use the instrument through sitting on the chair while the instrument leans on his legs or while the user is standing. The standing position however may promote bad posture on the user. Depending on height or physically attribute, the standing position may work for some people.

You may use the electrical upright bass instrument while standing or sitting. Some instrumentalists may complain about neck problems when standing since it gives bad posture. On the other hand, the sitting position is quite better and more relaxing.

If you are planning to buy this instrument, you have to think about some important things. In Amazon or eBay, you may encounter certain instruments that are expensive or cheap. The cheapest I found in Amazon – for example is really affordable and it will suit anyone who is planning to play it in a short even or for learning purposes. However, if you are a professional instrumentalists, better buy the best bass that has good quality. Cheaper electrical upright bass isn’t that bad though.

You can also buy other basses such as electric double basses, amplified portable basses, stick basses, and other stringed instruments. Keep a closer look on the materials used to make the instrument. Some raw materials can improve the sound quality of instruments.

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