Emwave Personal Stress

Does emwave cause personal stress? The answer is no. The emwave is the name for a powerful heart rate variability biofeedback stress reliever, based on research on the heart’s own sophisticated nervous system.

I have been using this technology personally and professionally since 2000.

I was doing EEG biofeedback in the late ’90s and participating in a list serve for EEG brainwave biofeedback providers maintained by EEG Spectrum when I first heard of the emWave technology.

Some of the EEG folks were raving about heart rate variability biofeedback and its impact on their clients, and since I am always searching for new tools for myself, I decided to check into it.

I discovered that a hospital nearby, in St. Charles, Illinois was providing heart rate variability biofeedback trainings to the general public, and their entire staff had trained on the this tool.

I was impressed that that this one tool was the stress relief tool of choice for an entire hospital, so I took the training, and got to do the heart rate variability biofeedback process in front of the entire workshop, and found that the tool was easy to use, and understand.

I bought it and began to bring it into my anger management and domestic violence programs. In fact, I would ask clients to use the tool during group, hooked up to a computer in the middle of the room, and the conversation swirling about them, and that process provided an extraordinary model for how stress happens to us, what causes it, and what the antidote is.

Many of my clients would ask before we even hooked them up to the finger sensor, if this was a lie detector, which provided me a perfect opportunity to teach about the feelings that flow from a thought.

This program does provide a ‘coach’ in the program that teaches the individual who is hooked up about how to breathe and use the Quick Coherence Technique, and using the program in the midst of a swirling and sometimes contentious group environment provides a vivid learning opportunity for how stress can occur and what we need to do to provide an antidote, and the feedback from the machine gives clients a picture of how fast the body switches from a coherent heart beat to an incoherent heart beat.

Folks get an opportunity to look at how they respond to nonverbal cues in the conversation around them, tone or loudness for example.

Seeing that response on a computer screen even as they sit quietly is a real eye opener for most clients, who usually report that they do not feel stress about some other persons story. Not true.

Other clients would sit at the machine and be able to generate significant heart rate variability coherence even as the noise of group swirled about them.

Those folks were then charged with doing the same thing at home when other people were charged with emotion because one quiet heart in a household can eventually bring all the other hearts into coherence.

But that is not always such an easy thing to do at home, so that kind of effort will take some practice, perhaps with your mate.

I have demonstrated to couples with the heart rate variability biofeedback tool that the relationship has a heart beat of its own, which is certainly impacted by personal stress.

I teach the partners how to make their own hearts coherent, sitting at computers placed side by side, then hold hands and watch each others heart rate variability coherence scores.

There will be periods when both hearts have established coherence, and I will ask how they feel, and both will say words like content, relaxed, happy, grateful, and usually those feelings follow thoughts of gratitude for something about their partner that they like.

I then ask them if they can repeat this process on a schedule, just have gratitude thoughts for their partner?

Most say yes, and are usually relieved when I tell them they can schedule thoughts of resentment also.

But the key is to schedule those thoughts, either resentment or appreciation. Then they have to decide which thought they prefer and do more of those, remembering that their will be consequences for either the resentment thoughts or the appreciation thoughts.

Schedule resentment and go for five minutes and that is all?

You schedule your workouts, your meditations, your meals, why not your resentments?

Your heart rate variability biofeedback personal stress reliever will give you the freedom to do that scheduling.

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