Morgan Silver Dollars

Morgan Silver Dollars were minted from 1878 to 1904 and once more in 1921. Morgan Dollars were Minted at 5 US mints including in the nation’s first mint Philadelphia, however you wont see a mint mark on these coins. New Orleans mint is identified by the O. San Francisco mint with the S mint mark. Denver, which only minted 1 year, has the mint mark D. Most sought after of all is the Carson City mint mark.

Just After Morgan Dollars came the Peace Dollars minted between 1921 and 1935, 1921-1928, and once again in 1935 these were the last silver dollars ever minted for circulation.

No Silver Dollars were minted until 1986 with the exception of commemorative. Today you do have the American Silver Eagle Dollars, they are minted for collection and not circulation.

Not only are the rich in history but in silver as well each Morgan Silver Dollar is 3 quarters of an once of silver, if you have been following silver prices then you know in the last year it has been on the increase along with gold.

Now nobody can tell you what is going to happen next but i can tell you this the track record for Morgan Dollars are not just tied to silver and has out performed stocks for many years in fact an 1889 Carson City rarest Carson City Morgan Dollar recently sold at auction for more than $330,000.

So if the Stock Market has left you feeling like your hanging on trying to figure out what the next move is, then it is time to take a look at these Morgan Dollars and enjoy a hard asset and the pride of knowing you own a piece of American history as well as enjoying the ride.

When you add Morgan Dollars to your holdings you will own a piece of history and you will be proud to pass down to the next generation, giving you peace of mind and security.

Availability When the US mint came out with the quarter states series in 1998 it unleashed a flood of collectors in the market by some estimates now there are more than 150,000,000 coin collectors, even though over 500,000,000 Morgan Dollars were minted over 320,000,000 were melted for there silver during the world wars and by silver profiteers.

Scarcity By some estimates there are only By some estimates there are only %17 of the original silver dollars remaining that means there is simply not enough Morgan dollars left for every collector to own even 1 let alone the entire country.

Hoarding With the economic uncertainty for the last few years many people have been adding silver and gold as a way of having security for their families, as many people have seen their paper profits go up in smoke, and banks failing left and right.

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