Police Car Video System

Video Cameras mounted in police squad cars and motorcycles have been vital in a countless number of criminal and civil cases. A police video system will generally have the ability to generate both audio and visual recordings of a specific traffic incident, interrogation or other event captured in the vicinity of the cruiser. Video tapes captured by a law enforcement vehicle provide officers a confidence that their movements are being watched and can be recalled in the event an offender disputes the events transpiring at a traffic stop. Beyond simple speeding tickets and moving violations, police car video systems can be utilized to catch other criminal behavior when strategically pointed at suspicious activities or places. There are a growing number of circumstances in which an officer will align their vehicle to capture events on their police car video system, and criminals aware their actions are being captured on camera are less likely to resist or create an additional disturbance for fear it will elevate any potential charges.

Police video systems are purchased through a variety of independent organizations and corporations who continually innovate and add new enhancements to the arrangements. The use of video tape evidence has been found to be effective in high-speed pursuits in addition to the other implied applications. High speed chases often result in a number of infractions for the fleeing suspect, many of which may not have been caught by the officer during the heat of a chase. When an individual comes to a stop after a high speed chase or abandons their car to flee, officers often have to use force to bring the suspect to submission. Use of force is one of the most commonly questioned aspects of a police investigation, and a police car video system is among the most effective ways to prove force was justified. Law enforcement officers can be confident that the means with which they take a suspect into custody will be supported by the data on their police car video system.

Though there are still many issues confronting legal teams and law enforcement officials with the use of police car video system data in a court of law, courts are increasingly willing to at least consider the video as evidence. Officers who have a valuable piece of evidence in the form of a police car video should be instructed through counsel of their legal advisors and departmental superiors as to the appropriate way to divulge evidence for a criminal or civil trial. The events captured on tape from a police car video system helps to clearly lay out all of the environmental aspects surrounding an incident or accident, helping to clarify for legal representation the reasoning behind a growing number of criminal behaviors. Technological advances being made in police car video systems help to provide new audio and visual definition to the most current models.

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