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The Recovery is Coming

In the news today, there are a number of accumulating signs that the economic Recession, that has plagued so many, for so long, may finally be coming to an end. Are you ready?

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I Just Can’t Do It

I Just Can’t

(A Twenty-Three Year-Old Woman)

I love being with my friends, but they want to go skydiving, and I will hate missing all of the laughing and camaraderie.

Yes, I could ride along, then sit alone when they go up, and feel left out when they come back, but…; and, of course, they will be talking about it for weeks and referring to it for years.

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Power of Creativity

I have grown to like creative people. These are people who are not simply satisfied with what it present but they are always seeking ways and means to improve what is there. In some instances these people create new things, inventions that have never been done before. Some of the best creative people I have ever come across are those in the arts and entertainment, songwriters, sculptors, poets, instrumentalists and so on. Creativity separates the ordinary from the attractive. It makes you product stand out. It also creates desire in customers or consumers to see how you have done it. There is a direct relationship between increased sales and creativity. People will pay anything to receive a product where creativity was maximized. You should never rush to implement your first thought that comes to mind. Always engage your mind in scrutiny of all the ideas it brings about. After thorough interrogations of thought processes, a creative idea can come out which people look to and marvel at.

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Reduce Weight Easily

Another MeetUp group invitation appeared in my email inbox, nothing unusual about that. However, the introduction to the group prompted me to write this disclaimer for those who are unfamiliar with the power of words.

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Suggestions For a Calmer and Happier You

If I were to list all the emotions we feel as human beings, then that would take up all the space for this article. I will just mention a few and then mention the ways I got help with my emotions, when I had some problems.

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Five Steps to Diversity Training For Leaders

Though people of different nationalities have always been present in most work situations, the concept of handling diversity has become a big issue in the workplace, and thanks to an explosion of litigation, is a major concern for leaders. How does a leader deal with this diversity question? Often the answer is “diversity training” for which millions of dollars is spent each year. I contend that while diversity is a critical subject for a leader, specific training is probably not really necessary. The first thing to remember as a leader is that you set the example and people are watching. Therefore, as a leader you must treat everyone equally. That doesn’t mean quotas but rather that each employee has the same opportunity to be a contributing part of the organization. Of course, each individual is different and so the means of that equal treatment may be different.

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Improve Reading Comprehension

Everyone has been reading, not noticed their mind wander, only to come back to reality and think, “What did I just read?” And for others, they may keep their focus, but still not fully understand what the text is trying to say. By increasing reading comprehension, those scenarios – and others – can be avoided. Here’s how:

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My Name is Blah Blah and I Am a Workaholic

Its a sentence spoken very often in AA meetings or rehab centers. If too much attention is not paid to the most imminent side-effects of ‘get rich or die trying’ attitude, we will end up hearing this very sentence in most rehab centers.

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Apology Overload

Tiger Woods, Jesse James, Steve Jobs, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Doesn’t it seem like this year is the Year of the Big Apology?

Every time I turn around someone is holding a press conference, looking deflated, dejected, and apologizing to a room full of cameras, microphones, and all of America. Before they are even done apologizing, someone else is being accused of a misdeed or an embarrassing mistake and you can count on the fact that they will soon be telling us how truly sorry they are, too.

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Sleep Learning

Sleep learning is the concept of programming your mind or feeding it with information while you’re at your most relaxed and receptive state.

The idea has been around the block for quite some time now, but it is only now that people are starting to turn to it as a form of therapy or learning strategy. If you want to know more about sleep learning, read on!

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Study and Manage Your Time

When you need to find the time to study it is important to find ways to fit that into your life. Here are five effective ways to study and manage your time more effectively.

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Important Elements of Your Personal Budget

Having earned a salary, most people get surprised when they wake up with no money on hand. The reason is because they spend without paying close attention to what they are spending the money on. It is important to run a person budget which you monitor every month to check on spending patterns. There are things on the personal budget which are an option while other issues are a must. In this article I explore some of the ways that can help you structure your budget accordingly.

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7 Ways to Say “No”

Is the word “no” missing from your vocabulary sometimes, especially when you need it most? When you have difficulty saying “no” you find yourself having way to much to do and doing things you do not even want to do. You end up asking yourself over and over again, “Why didn’t I say “no” this time?” If someone asks you why you didn’t say “no” you might even answer that you just didn’t know how to say it in a nice way. Don’t worry, I am not going to suggest that you ask the person, “What part of “no” do you not understand?” although that might be what you are feeling when they keep insisting! In this article I am going to make some suggestions on how you can say “no” and make it stick so read on.

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Self Improvement? No Need!

You don’t need self improvement. You’re perfect all ready – you just need to realize it. Some aficionados of personal development might call the process ’self-realization’ – a big word (two actually) for something that is within every single person’s reach. There’s little pointing in clouding what comes naturally in some fog of mystique – little point in complicating the simply. Every sinlge one of us can achieve awareness and self fulfillment if we learn how to simply stop the incessant noise in our head. I think you know the noise that I’m talking about. The little voice that says ‘No You Can’t’ – that nagging feeling that, unlike the L’Oreal ad, you’re not worth it! – or all the various different feelings of inadequacy, shyness, uselessness, that, in actual fact, have nothing to do with who you really are – they’re just the leftovers from the things that happened to you during your formative years.

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Visualization Technique

When visualizing a desire in your mind, there are among others 2 techniques that I rely on most to get the best results. The first is the action sequence visualization where you visualize yourself in an ongoing movie having and achieving your goals. The second is the snapshot technique which is where you see a series of pictures in your mind, as if you were flicking through a one page photo album. The snapshot technique is a very simple but effective visualization technique because it requires only 30 seconds of your time and only a small amount of focus because with each snapshot comes a change in focus and as your subconscious mind only understands pictures and feelings, this technique is as good as any other.

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Be Powerful in Mind, Body and Soul

True power comes from the continuity and connection between mind, body and soul, which creates an inner power that allows you to feel, know and live your purpose and express and share your essence with certitude, clarity and love. Working in dance and healing through the emotions in the body, I explore how to connect mind, body and soul through creative visualization of the Ideal Body and how this can affect change in your real body.

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Antidote For Worry and Anxiety

Today a lot of people are dying as a result of anxiety. What does it mean to have anxiety? To have anxiety means to be anxious and to be anxious, means to be worried over something that has not yet happened. You are only being threatened by the threat of the possibility of something bad happening. The devil uses this trick to frustrate people. The devil works through fear, as God works through faith. He tries as much as possible to cause you to be afraid of the possibility of something bad happening.

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Compromising With Your Housemate

When getting out of the family home to go start off on one’s own, most young people for fear of facing high costs on their own, will always get friends or former classmates to share the living quarters with them. Normally what they fail to do is to check the background of these friends as pertains to their cleanliness and housekeeping.

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Effectively Communicate With People Who Are Deaf

Levels of deafness vary, from 20dB (mild) hearing loss to 90dB (very profound) loss. Be aware that people who are hard of hearing may still be able to hear what you are saying, however the sound may seem quiet or distorted. As a result of this, they may have trouble in differentiating words that sound similar, but look the same. Examples of this are: ‘fifteen’ and ‘fifty’. If you find yourself agreeing a time, price or quantity – or any other piece of important information ensure that they repeat it back to you, and are clear in their understanding of the conversation. There may always be some misunderstanding in conversations, so to prevent negative feelings be understanding and patient.

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You Are Not Your Behaviour

Normal behaviour is rarely appropriate and often completely inappropriate if not totally bizarre. How could it be appropriate? Because normal behaviour is triggered automatically – you don’t have to think about it, you just react – by your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is fine tuned to enable you react, using functionality known, in psychological circles, as automaticity. It is this ability that has got us so far as the apparently ’superior’ species! However, as I said, normal behaviour is rarely appropriate – because the subconscious mind triggers your automatic reactive behaviour using pas experiences as its reference points. In fact, the normal subconscious mind is constantly focused on the past – your childhood years – and it uses this past ’stored knowledge’ to dictate your automatic behaviour. With information that is so far out of date being used to enable you react, how is your behaviour going to be appropriate to what is actually taking place now?

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