Solar Energy – More Than Just A Bill Reducer

While it’s true that, with global warming and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels being such hot topics, when most people think of solar energy and going solar, they generally think of the fact that it will reduce their electricity bill, there is a lot more to solar and the benefits it can provide than just reducing the size of our energy bill. Let’s take a look at the many additional benefits solar energy can provide.

What Else Can You Reduce?

Obviously, reducing their energy bill is a major factor for most people when considering what type of benefits solar energy can provide them. The great thing is that this will become an even bigger benefit in the future, as the supply of fossil fuels, already said to be almost exhausted, continues to decrease and the cost of the energy derived from them continues to escalate, such that people who get their electricity from solar will see even greater reductions in their electricity bill in the future.

The more we turn to the sun’s energy for our electrical needs, the greater benefit not only to people’s finances but to the planet, in the form of reduced carbon emissions from the decreased burning of fossil fuels.

As the adoption of solar energy continues to increase, the number of jobs in the solar industry will increase, resulting in a reduction in the overall unemployment levels. The same is true for all renewable energy sectors, in that the more that renewable energy sources are implemented, the greater the number of job opportunities that will be available in the green sector, reducing unemployment and boosting the economy, not only in the USA, but also worldwide.

More Than Just A Bill Reducer

Yes, solar energy is great at helping reduce electricity bills. And, even though this is a great benefit, solar is so much more. The sun provides an almost limitless supply of free energy, and it comes down to what we do to take advantage of all that energy.

It can and is used to provide the energy needed to power many things. Solar calculators have been around for some time, and are one of the most commonly used items powered by solar. A lot of the lighting along the pathways in front of houses is solar, as are many street lights and highway signage.

Solar can be used to recharge batteries, power laptops and keep your MP3 players and cell phones charged. How about disposing of your garbage? Yes, there are such things as solar trash compactors! And the list goes on.

What Does The Future Hold?

The future of solar energy is nothing but bright. More and more applications are being found for solar, from everyday uses to more esoteric and far-reaching uses. Solar radios are becoming more commonplace, but did you know you can now sail on a solar-powered boat? Fly in a solar-powered plane? How about taking a trip on a high-speed solar train? Well, not yet, but that is definitely something that is in the planning stages and probably will be a reality before too much longer.

We have barely scratched the surface of what’s possible with solar energy. And, while reducing people’s electricity bills and our dependence on fossil fuels are very important products of using solar, there is still so much untapped potential available to us.

After all, the sun supplies over six thousand times more energy in one day than the entire human race uses in one year, so there is so much more energy for us to use. We just need to develop methods to harness that energy and we’ll be able to take advantage of the sun’s free energy whenever and wherever we choose.

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