Why Does Everyone Hate Cellulite?

Everyone hates cellulite. After all, it is ugly and embarrassing. Though most of people can identify what cellulite is, the main problem is that not many individuals have a clear idea of what cellulite actually is. Cellulite is in fact the fat that obtrudes out of the underlying layers of the skin into the external stratum of skin or the dermis. One of the prime things that cellulite does is that it gives the skin a dimpled look, almost like the peel of an orange. This condition of the skin is sometimes also referred to as the cottage cheese look. Some of the most common areas where cellulite occurs are the thighs, the rear ends and the lower legs. These are some of the common places but cellulite can commonly occur in any place in the body.
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Astonishingly, there is very little that modern science knows about the factors that result in cellulite. The minimum that is known is that from 85% to 98% of women has cellulite on some part of their body for sure. So what that means is in opposition to popular belief, cellulite is not to be found only in obese people, hence it has no connection with being over weight. Scientific studies have revealed that cellulite is more common in women than in men, which is why a lot of the medical professionals are of view that cellulite is a hormonal syndrome and hormonal component by origin. Some of the established theories in this context posit that cellulite can also have as connection to one’s diet. For example, individuals who consume large amounts of tans-fatty foods like white bread, pasta, and foods commonly heavy with white flour are likely to have cellulite. However, this is not a proven fact and is just a suspicion.

Whenever there is a new health problem arising in the society, businessmen and manufacturers focus on producing and marketing numerous products that supposedly help deal with cellulite effectively. Products like creams, lotions, pills and gels are some of these that promise to help get rid of the embarrassing cellulite. The answer to the question as to whether they work or not, depends on nothing but subjective facts so far!

Liposuction happens to be yet another false promise for healing of cellulite. Liposuction is a process that helps get rid of fat from body; it doesn’t remove the cellulite to be precise.

A few of the patients suffering from cellulite have found that often massages tend to render temporary reduction improving the look of the affected area for some time but these are unable to ensure a permanent removal of cellulite. This is because blood vessels are not present within the subcutaneous fat. Consequently, when body is massaged or the circulation in the skin layers is boosted it is only the exterior of skin that appears to be smooth. Massage in this case is just a superficial remedy, as the effects are by no means long lasting.

The only methods that have shown a bit of tangible and lasting effects so far are the similar steps that are necessary for effective weight loss. Permanent cellulite removal is only possible with a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise, a healthy and balanced diet, drinking a lot of water and ample amount of rest are what is required to heal the ugly cellulite patches. This is a process that truly works and actually makes one look and feel good all together.

Chrissy Chow is Pharmacy Technician by day and Internet Marketer by night. Who’s loves helping others, Yoga, Reading, Orchids, Swimming and Dining out. Chrissy believes that we all have the potential to shine. Follow your dreams and be persistent. You absolutely deserve it!