Enjoy Being a Woman With Women’s Harmony

Let’s face it, its not always rainbows and butterflies being a woman. We have many issues to deal with from premenstrual syndrome to pre-menopause to menopause to post menopause, its seems like we just don’t miss a beat. What all the symptoms that come with this, it seems like there’s got to be some kind of relief from it all. Here are a few ways to get some relief.

Most women get many symptoms when going though premenstrual syndrome also known as PMS. What causes PMS is a hormone change that happens during your menstrual cycle. Many women experience bloating, tender breast, food craving, acne, lack of energy, headaches, and low back pain many women can experience this a week before they even start their menstrual cycle. Also some women may feel sad, angry, anxious, moody, and less involved in other actives while experiencing PMS. To decrease your chances of getting PMS is making sure you’re getting enough vitamin B6, calcium, or magnesium. Drink too caffeine during can make your symptoms worse also and a lack of exercise.

Menopause is the point in a woman’s life where she has not menstruated in about a year. This is when you will not be able to have children anymore this stage in a woman’s life is usually referred to as “the change of life.” This usually will happen in women around the age of 50. Perimenopause is the process that happens before you get menopause. This process can start as early as your late 30’s to 50’s. What happens when your going though menopause is your reproductive system doesn’t produce eggs as much as a result your body doesn’t ovulate as much and your hormone levels fluctuate (estrogen and progesterone levels drops enough that your periods stop). What women experience when going though this process is; irregular periods, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, headaches, trouble sleeping, emotional changes, feeling that your heart is beating too fast, and mood swings. These symptoms tend to get worse the first year but it different with every woman. Mexican pharmacy generic viagra

Some natural ways to deal with these symptoms that menopause brings is by making sure your eating healthy. Make sure you’re on a hearth healthy diet including vegetables, fish, fruits, and high fiber grains and breads. Also limit your caffeine and alcohol intake; these will only make your symptoms worse. Make sure your getting enough calcium in your daily diet to keep your bones strong. If you smoke it’s would be a good idea to stop smoking, quitting smoking will help reduce your hot flashes and other long term health risk. Another thing you want to do is get exercise even if just a walk around your neighborhood, just get some exercise can help mange your weight, and give you a mood lift.

Another thing I would recommend your start taking before you start experience any of these symptoms is taking an all natural supplement called Women’s Harmony by FreeLife. This is a supplement for women in all stages in their life. It will help your deal with PMS, premenopause, and menopause, and all the symptoms that come with it.

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