Your Own Business Cards

If you are thinking of designing and making your own business cards there are several options available to you. You may wish to make them on your home computer, you may wish to use a card printing machine or you may want to use a design your own cards website. Whichever way you choose you will be able to create something unique that you can be proud of instead of relying upon a design agency.

Homemade Business Cards

One way of making your own company cards is to literally make them yourself at home or at the office. There are lots of design applications readily available online which enable you to create simple designs ideal for cards to promote your business’s main contacts. Once you have created the artwork that you are happy with you can then print as many as you want off on your desktop printer using card. Different desktop printers can print on different thicknesses of cards however it may be difficult to match the quality of print that you would have got from a high street printing company.

Business Card Printing Machines

If you choose to use a card printing vending machine you will be given a vast amount of design layout templates to choose from however you are unlikely to be given the option to design your own template. Plus the added disadvantage of printing machines is that they take a long time to use and as you will usually find yourself having to stand up whilst using them you may find that you find the experience annoying and tiresome. Then of course you have to wait for the business card printing machine to print and cut up all your 500 or so cards.

Business Card Design Websites

A great way of making your own company contact cards is to use websites which provide you with an online design area to custom design your own cards, change the text size, colour and font as well as upload your own logo graphic and alter the background image of tones. These types of websites are very popular as they allow you to design your own cards whilst being sat at home, at work at your desk or on a train whilst using a laptop. You are given the tools that you would ordinarily be given within a professional art & design software package via a website and once you have finishing creating you just save, choose your business card printing options and pay online. Then all you do is wait for the cards to be delivered to your door.

Making your own business cards is a fun way of saving time and money as you get a card design which is truly unique to your own personal style.

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