5 Things You Can Do To Manage Your Time Better

Do you have too much to do and never enough time to complete all those tasks in a satisfactory way? Maybe you’ve attended courses which aim to teach you ‘time management’ and yet have not been able to put what you learned into practice. Being able to do those things is as much about organising your life more effectively as purely to do with time.

Here are five things you can do to manage your time better.

Plan your day the previous evening.

Before you go to bed get into the habit of thinking about what you would like to be doing tomorrow. You may want to write on paper computer, or other electronic means, a list of what tasks you plan to achieve so that as you do each thing you can cross them off your list. If what you plan involves equipment or special clothing or a certain file then get them ready the night before too.

Ditch what doesn’t have to be done.

Habits become spontaneous relatively quickly, people say after about twenty-one repetitions things become automatic. So think about your daily routine and question if you need to be doing whatever you do. You are very likely to find there are things which no longer have any reason for doing them and these are things to dump. In this way you will free up time.

Delegate what can be done by someone else.

After thinking about your daily routine and dumping anything which doesn’t have to be done at all there may be ways you are using your time because you are doing something which could easily be delegated to someone else. Whether you pay someone to help you or arrange an exchange of services or discover that you don’t like doing something which someone else loves to do. Explain what you want done and if necessary spend some time to teach the task to another person.

Get rid physical clutter.

When your surroundings are cluttered you may find your energy is drained and you take longer to get things done. Remarkably when you organise your working space you may find then you are more able to move forward in getting other things completed more quickly.

Get rid of mental clutter.

If your subconscious mind or even your conscious mind is filled with ‘mental clutter’ then this may slow you down with the result that everything you do takes longest to complete. So get rid or worry, anger, resentment and notice how much more quickly you complete what you want to do.

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