Management – It’s About Time To Settle Down Busyness

Do you ever feel pressured to get things done? Ever feel like you don’t have enough time in the day?

I hate when people cry about not having enough time to get projects done.

Remember the Pareto principle, you know, that 20% of what you do brings in 80% of the results. Many of the things that you do on a day-to-day basis is work and you are truly busy or maybe because you have poor time management.

As I kid, I remember a period in my video game “Super Mario Bros” craze, I could play video games for hours… start at breakfast time, then, Whoa! I would look up at the clock and then it’s 7pm!

We grow up, have bigger responsibilities and have more things to do.

You have the choice to waste time or to create a efficient day.

A common time wasters is watching television all day. You say: “I don’t watch TV”

Look, you can sit down and surf the net for hours, too, playing online game or what not – it’s just like the watching TV.

How about at work? If you’re at work, you’re stealing company money if you do the following:

Do you pay your personal bills while at work?

Spend excessive time talking personal subjects conversations with co-workers and over the phone with friends that have nothing to do with your job?

What about just coming in late to work and leaving early?

Are you using work time to read magazines or newspaper?

Do you take excessively long coffee breaks?

These are non work related stuff that eat up your time and then at the end of the day, you feel like your is gone or that you were SO busy today and didn’t have time to do more important things.

Make a short list of actual, productive tasks and action steps.

What does the list look like?
Did you put the top 20% that bring in the dough…
These are highest value in return.
How much actual time are you putting in it?

Start paying attention to high value tasks, get to work and do the things that bring you the results you want.

Maybe you won’t feel so pressured at the end of the day and you might feel quite accomplished because of your awesome time management skills.

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