Time Management Tip

Time management is usually associated with managing your time, but now you can actually speed up your time, getting more things done in less time. How? If you’re like me, you have a lot of videos on your computer, or on various membership sites you belong to. I spend many hours each week watching and learning new tips, tools and strategies. Everything from internet marketing to investing.

And, I watch YouTube videos, news video and seminar DVD’s.

What if you could get done in 40 minutes what would ordinarily take you 60 minutes? Would you be interested? Technology exists and software has been created to do just that. I found an incredible tool that allows me to watch a 10-minute video in 7 minutes, or slow down a video describing a more complex subject, so I can better understand it.

Most of the time I use the tool to speed up my videos to save time. I don’t lose retention, I actually think I retain more because speeding up the video just a little more (1.5X) I feel engages me better than normal speed.

Could this benefit you? It depends. How many hours per week do you watch video on your computer. Consider YouTube, News, Personal Development, Professional Development, Certification Programs, Language trainings, etc. Let’s say you watch 10 hours of video per week. Now, let’s say you set your software to 1.5X speed. This is my preferred setting and means it will take 2/3rd’s the normal amount of time to watch. So, if you’re watching 10 hours per week now, with this new technology, you could watch the same 10 hours of material… In 6 hours 42 minutes!

You would save 3 hours 18 minutes per week. Multiply that by 52 weeks and you’d save 171 hours and 36 minutes per year. You’d Save 7 Days 3 Hours and 36 Minutes Imagine if you watch more than 10 hours per week. You can start to see the potential and power of “speeding up your time.” You’ve heard that time is money. What is your time worth? What would a tool like this be worth to you?

The good news is, technology makes these tools much less expensive than you think. With a quick search I found several very inexpensive tools. Regardless, what you have to ask yourself is; “are you worth it?” Is your time precious enough to want to save it.

Here’s 5 reasons to try this for yourself:

1. Why waste time when you can speed up videos to YOUR speed?
2. Watch more videos in the same amount of time.
3. Better understand complex material by slowing videos down.
4. There’s no sound distortion or chipmunk sound.
5. MySpeed comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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