Time Management Tips – 3 Guidelines to Dignify Your Time While You Reduce Stress Today

Time management tips can give you so much more than time. You can dignify your day and reduce stress, too. When you utilize these 3 guidelines, you generate coherence and meaning.

Compare this to when you feel driven like a donkey through a busy day. Perhaps you judge yourself or blame others for time choices you regret. On days like this, no matter how much you accomplish, you feel ragged and out of sorts. Then there’s that gnawing sensation that your relationships have suffered. Bruised by elbows and pointing fingers!

Does living a day rich in meaning and dignity sound impossible? You can do it. The approach is both radical and quite straightforward. Practice builds skill.

Three Astonishingly Simple Yet Transformative Guidelines for Today

1. No matter what happens to your time plans today, refuse to judge yourself.

Perhaps this strikes you as self-evident, simplistic or irrational… Well, try it for one day, and see what happens. You may learn something new about yourself! Rarely do people get through an entire 24 hours without resorting to self-criticism.

When you intercede between yourself and your automatic put-downs, you grow dramatically. You assume full responsibility to learn and change. No more labeling yourself as deficient in discipline or forcefulness! Your stress plummets each time you protect yourself from self-attack. Furthermore, you create a relaxed environment to examine what didn’t work in your schedule, and why.

2. No matter what happens to your time plans today, refuse to blame others.

If you find the first guideline easy to follow, see if pointing the finger at others is your fallback defense. Blaming generates a poisonous spiral of helplessness. No matter how tempting you find it to hold someone else responsible, you invariably do so at the price of clarity and autonomy. You can only dignify your life by owning every minute.

Ask reasonable questions and take personal responsibility instead. Where can you set a boundary? What can you re-prioritize to generate new options? And notice – your critical voice weakens to a whisper. You’re depriving it of air!

3. No matter what happens to your time plans today, practice humility.

Recognize what genuinely lies beyond your control. Then rest for a moment in the quiet circle of calm you’ve created. Humility enhances gratitude and perspective. Every time you embody humility, you strengthen your realism. And realism is the cornerstone of effective time management.

Humility also helps you relate graciously. You flex with ease, and build better bridges through open communication. Finally, humility has healing powers. You can be human. See how much better you feel! Others reach out more readily, too.

You nourish your wellsprings of energy and reduce stress each time you bring dignity to your time choices. When you look back on your day and find a thread of good intention, compassion and integrity, you automatically increase the genuine productivity of your day.

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