Procrastination Killer

Congratulations on taking the first step to overcoming procrastination. If you’re anything like me and I’ve got a strong feeling that you are then you have an outlook on life that goes something like “Anything worth not doing is worth not doing well!” It’s close, but we’ve got just a little bit of tweaking to do.

In this article I tried to simplify one process of overcoming procrastination. Really it can be broken down in more steps but why? Try these three steps first and really put them into action for results. If you want results you will get them if you put your mind to it.

Step 1 – Get Your Mind Right

The quote in the first paragraph is so true that when I wrote it I actually stopped working on the article for a little while. Why, you ask, well because I am human too and the reality was I chose to not finish and do something else, like eat! The bottom line is that I returned to it and finished it in the time line I gave myself.

The first key to understanding your own motivation is to understand the context of your reality. (For instance, is the glass half empty of is it half full?) So…whats the first step to overcoming procrastination? Go fill up the glass!

Step 2 – How Much More Can I Achieve With Positive Action?

It is a scientific fact that whatever you focus on over time will become a reality. I’m not suggesting that positive thinking will print you a bag full of money. What I am suggesting is that if you focus on it for long enough, that you will figure out a way to EARN that big bag full of money whenever you choose to.

Positive action will always move you forward towards your goals. The key is to be aware of the actions that will move you forward and then think about them often till you do them. Soon it will become a habit worth keeping and the bad habits of not taking positive action will soon fall wayside.

Step 3 – STOP IT – STOP Thinking That Way…

So tomorrow morning when I…OR….Alright so I’ll make my plan and then….

STOP IT. I don’t mean to sound rude, I just want you to understand that whats easy not to do is JUST as easy as doing it. It’s not rocket science. What is easy to do is also easy not to do, right? Do you understand? Success in overcoming procrastination really comes down to your choice. If you really want something to happen and you focus hard enough on it, guess what? It will happen.

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