Why Do I Procrastinate? Learning Time Management

There are very many reasons why a person does procrastinate. Let us examine just a few.

One reason may be that you don’t think to be competent enough for this task or duty. This can conduct a person to not beginning what should be done. And once this idea has come up, procrastination may become a long- term situation. It can last until the opportunity to carry out the task has gone. That means disappointment. Just to start with. The person may think that next time they will really do the job and then, maybe, they feel again incompetent. And nothing will be done.

Another reason could be the fear of pain. This may apply if you postpone to see your dentist, or to go to the physician. There might also be involved the fear of getting an unfavorable answer. If the doctor should find that this pain is due to something very important? And you postpone your appointment with the doctor or you don’t even ask for an appointment. Hopefully you give up procrastination in time to avoid serious problems.

I do not want to talk about this problem now. We can do that tomorrow. And you stay silent with your partner or with whoever you have to talk to.You know that you cannot postpone this conversation for a long time, but you just do not have the courage to face it. If things do not evolve in the way you would like it, do not blame others. You have to take action.

I can no longer see the clutter on my desk! Are you afraid of finding bad news in those papers? Every day something else is added. Who cares. One day I will clean it up. One day will never come it you do not impose it on yourself. If you do not sort through your papers, you might miss a deadline. Usually deadlines are important. So keep your desk clean. You also work better if it is not cluttered.

You start a task full of enthusiasm. At a certain point you do not get ahead. Instead of seeking help from somebody who knows how to finish the project or the task, you postpone it. You feel that you are not good enough and therefore you cannot continue. This happens very often and, in most cases, only after having talked to somebody, the person goes back to the work and will eventually finish it.

If not, bad feelings creep up and the vicious circle goes on.

You see, there are many fields in which somebody can start to procrastinate. And there are very many people who do it. Many overcome postponing. Others do not. Hopefully you belong to those who break up the vicious circle.

All of the above examples of procrastination could be avoided if people were aware of how important time-management is. You can learn it. Write down all of your activities and sort them according to their importance. Make three categories. Number one is the least important, number three is the most important. Your activities include everything from getting up in the morning to the exercises, taking the shower, dressing, eating breakfast, and so on and so forth. You see, every little activity requires some time. Only you can calculate these times because they are different from one person to the other. At the end you will see that you don’t even have enough time to sleep. So you have to cut some less important activities. This time management plan shows you that planning is crucial. You have to plan your activities and know that sometimes you are required to squeeze in other unforeseen tasks. This plan will help you put into action what you otherwise skip or postpone and it will also help you to allow time for leisure.

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