What’s So Great About Procrastinating?

Do you procrastinate? That’s a silly question because we all do, to a greater or lesser degree. Procrastination is simply putting off until tomorrow something you can do today. The jobs we put off are those that we find to be boring or monotonous or (we think) involve too much work. We say we don’t have time to do these things. And the truth is the job/task becomes more unpleasant the longer we put off doing it. Fortunately there are some techniques to help you stop procrastinating. Try them and see what works for you.

No.1 – Break the job down into manageable sized tasks. The trick is to give yourself a series of small tasks. Write them down on a To Do List. Mark them off as they are done and at the end of the day you will see just how much you have accomplished. And this exercise goes for all the things you have to do each day. There is a great satisfaction is seeing all you have done when you close off your day.

One of your new goals may be to exercise for 30 minutes each day. This is quite a big goal and can be accomplished if you start slowly, say 10 minutes a day and then work up to 30 minutes. The secret is to start.Nothing happens without action.

No 2 – Next time you catch yourself putting off a task ask yourself these four questions: What will happen if I don’t do this? What do I want to do? How will I fee once I get started? How will I feel when this task is done? Write down your answers and while you are writing imagine yourself doing the task.

Another of your goals may be to tidy your wardrobe. You can always find reasons not to do this – not enough time is a big one. Take a sheet of paper and write down the answers to the questions.

As you are answering the questions imagine yourself making a start on the task and as you do so you will feel the desire to get up and start and subsequently, completing it.

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