Can Procrastinators Be Super Heroes?

Almost everyone delays tasks. For some it is just minor, for others it becomes the chronic delay known as procrastination. People have different types and excuses for procrastinating. By knowing what your reason for chronic delay you will be better able to control it and get yourself to work.

Are you a super hero procrastinator?

You may think you are a super mom or dad by being super involved. You may be the super hero friend, volunteer or co-worker by agreeing to do anything that anyone asks. It may be that you want to do all those things. You may feel in some way obligated to agree and do everything that you do. The problem is you start spreading yourself too thin. The thing is there is no such thing as super heroes, even if there were, super heroes still can not do everything.

What is the problem with being a super hero?

When you spread yourself too thin, you are unable to do something fully. You are unable to give it your complete attention and mistakes get made. Even if you do not make mistakes in your tasks, you are making mistakes in your life by being always committed to doing things with no downtime.

While you may think that is what it takes to get ahead, there comes a time when things do not go as planned. If something goes wrong you have no other things, such as relaxation or social life, to fall back on to help you get through. In addition, your best plans may have you get many things started but things may not get completed. When you do, it is typically in a frantic rush at the very last minute.

Why is the last minute bad?

You finish the cupcakes right before heading out the door for the bake sale. You rush out the door with the cupcakes and the book you are reading, hoping sometime during the bake sale you can finish before book club tonight. When you get home you will have to practice for the musical tomorrow week. You need to print the bulletins for the musical in the morning so you can leave some at the school when you drop off your son, then at work. After work you pick your son, his uniform for tomorrow, and then work on last minute alterations on everyone’s outfits right before the musical.

You are doing everything and never taking a break, eventually something will break. You can not take that kind of constant stress, either you, your family, or your life will break.

What can I do?

If this is you, determine what are obligations and what options. Learn to say no to options. If you have said yes for a while, others may argue about you not being involved. Explain you have enough to do, then delegate things. There is only one you, take care of yourself and do what you need and let the rest go.

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