Baby Clothing – Make It Organic!

Popular buzz words “Organic”, “Eco-Friendly”, “Carbon Footprint”, the list is endless but the trend toward a more Organic World is certainly present. In helping my daughter research healthy, choices for my granddaughter; from food to baby clothing, it became apparent that a growing number of young parents are choosing organics in the hopes of creating a safer, less toxic, environment for their children, both now and in the future. Of course Organic doesn’t mean perfect, but there are too many good reasons to not buy anything else.

When you buy organic baby clothing you are not only making a healthy choice for your child today, but also for their health and well-being in the future. The organic label is applied to any natural product produced without chemicals. There are no pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilizers or hormones used in the growing or the processing of the cloth. In one simple, conventionally produced, cotton t-shirt, there can be a total of over 6000+ different chemicals used.

Organic clothing, although generally more expensive, is not only toxin free but it is more durable and will last through significantly more washes before it begins to wear down. Unlike conventionally produced cotton, which takes tremendous abuse in production, organic products have not been scoured, bleached, softened chemically or sprayed with flame and soil retardants. When compared to cheaper cotton baby clothes, you will get your money’s worth from organics.

Finally, there are rigid guidelines and standards that an organically labeled product must meet prior to hitting the shelves for sale. Organic clothing manufacturers have to meet these strict guidelines during all phases of production, from cultivation of the fiber, to the production of the garment. There are also stringent standards for the transportation and storage of organically produced clothing. In the U.S. any clothing that wears the label of “organic” has been certified by an independent agency recognized by the USDA’s National Organic Program, providing an additional safeguard for our children.

Creating a safe and natural environment for children has, and always will be, a top concern for parents and grandparents. Choosing organic baby clothing is a positive step in that direction, and is a vital decision to make for a child’s health, and well- being now, and in the future.