Teaching Children Crime Awareness

Many new parents don’t realize that teaching their children crime awareness is very important. Every parent wants to protect and shield their child from the terrible things that go on in the world, and so they choose to stay silent about crime. What they don’t realize, however, is that by not telling and teaching their children these things, the actually make their children more vulnerable to what they most fear.

Here are five basic things you should teach your child.

1.Teach Them Who to Trust It’s important that your children recognize and understand that there are people other than you whom they can turn to for help. Teach them to recognize trustworthy people by pointing them out whenever you can. Generally, policemen and women, store owners and salespeople, and teachers are all people your child can trust.

2.Teach Them Who Not to Trust Like helping them recognize who to trust, they also have to know who they should stay away from. Remember when your parents told you not to trust strangers? Well, now it’s time to teach your children the same thing. Try to explain to them why strangers shouldn’t be trusted, and what kind of stranger it is they can’t trust. After all a policeman can be a stranger but can be trustworthy as well.

3.Teach Them How to Call for Help If your child is going to be left home alone, it’s important that you teach them how to call for help. Teach them how to dial the emergency number should anything happen, and what to say to the person on the other end. This is extremely crucial because your child can call for help even while you’re not around or if you happen to be in trouble.

4.Teach Them Safe Times to Stay Out For your pre-teens who want to be able to hang out with friends, but are too young to stay out all night, teach them the safe times to be out as well as the safer areas to spend time in. If you can, try to encourage your children and their friends to hang out in your house instead. That way you won’t have to worry too much.

5.Teach Them To Recognize Right from Wrong Around Them A big part of crime awareness is teaching your children how to spot right from wrong in their surroundings and reporting this to the proper authorities. For example, if your child sees someone shoplifting, they should be able to report it to the proper person at the store. Making your child aware of all crime, even that which doesn’t concern them will be to their best benefit.

There are plenty of crime awareness seminars or lectures given at local community centers or children’s schools with the purpose of teaching children and making them aware of crime. These seminars are usually conducted by people who have training in teaching children, and use age appropriate means to educate children on crime. Take advantage of these seminars whenever you can.