The Art of Chinese Cookery

Whether cooking is an art or a science or is it both, has for long been a point of debate. Whereas, there are ingredients and procedures that go into the making of a good food or recipe, the art of cooking or the hand and the expertise of the cook cannot be ignored. No wonder good cooking is the amalgamation of both, garnished with some spice of love and passion for cooking!

Chinese food is picking up fast globally for it tastiness, uniqueness and especially because Chinese believe that food can bring harmony and love in relationships. It is guided by the philosophy of Yin and Yang; foods that have cooling effects on internal body metabolisms are said to be Yin and those that have warming or heating effects on body metabolism is said to be Yang. Both the kinds are consumed in different seasons and as per the requirements of the body. Yang foods, for example, are beneficial in the winters and Yin foods in the summers. However the both can be consumed in any season, at any time of the year.

If you are not a native of China and you want to learn cooking Chinese food, you can attend Chinese cookery classes. Chinese foods may be the easiest to eat and digest but not the easiest to make! There are lots of cooking courses available that coach you on Chinese foods. The classes are available on different levels, for example there are classes for beginners and advanced cooking classes for those who are through with Chinese cooking basics.

Why Learn Chinese Cooking

We live in an age where cultures have transcended the geographical boundaries, there is a global culture coming up. Foods may have their origin in U.S, U.K, China or India but they are relished globally. Cooking is one of the arts that all of us need to learn, men included.

Chinese foods are getting famous globally on account of their uniqueness, tastiness and plus there are lots of options – the delicacies are myriad in number. Imagine you have a Chinese business delegate coming – a self cooked or a homemade Chinese cuisine should be enough to set him rolling and further your relations. Even your kids must be demanding dome soups, noodles, dimsums everyday. Attending classes and learn the art of cooking, in fact diverse cooking is then a good idea!

Chinese foods are low calorie and low fat unlike most the cuisines in the eastern world. Cooking is carried out mainly in poly-unsaturated oils and butter, cream etc are not part of their daily diet. No wonder Chinese live longer than rest of the people in the world! Animal fats are also used in less quantities, however many restaurants serve Chinese foods that are high in calories – a good reason for you to attend cookery classes if you are calorie conscious and still do not want to miss out on Chinese food! And why not giving your family and kids a Chinese treat exclusively prepared by you at home?

Chinese are driven by two philosophies Confucianism and Taoism, so are their culinary habits and etiquette. Broadly however the Chinese foods can be classified into 8 categories, Huiyang Chinese, Shandong Cuisine, Sichuan Cuisine, Fujian Cuisine, Hunan Cuisine, Anhui Cuisine, Guangdong (Cantonese) Cuisine and the Zhejiang Cuisine. Some of the famous Chinese foods that you can learn at the cooking classes are Hot Diced pork, Red Bayberry shaper meat balls, deep fried onions, roasted leg of lamb etc or something that you are very fond of.