Women Fairy Costumes

Women Fairy Costumes are some of most beautiful you can find. They come in all sorts of colors with blue being the most dominate, yet there are other colors like greens and reds. Most fairy costumes come with wings and a wand. Yet there are some costumes that are considered Dark Fairy Costumes that do not come with wings or any other of the most common accessories.

The first thing you want to make sure you have with your fairy costume is a nice set of wings. The fairy’s wings have to be large enough to be seen from the frontal view, but not over-sized like the angel’s wings. Fairy’s wings are supposed to be very gentle looking, soft and light. Most fairy wings are smaller than any winged creature or angel.

The next accessory you will need is a wand. The wand is used to spread the magical fairy dust. No self respecting fairy will be seen without her wand. Yet there are different species of fairies that do not carry wands. If you are dressing up as Woodland Fairy or something of this nature, you will not have to worry about a wand. Wands are mostly white, but there are others that come in different colors. Just make sure the color of your wand is light. Darker wands will take away from your costume.

Hair accessories are really important. Fairies are very natural looking creatures. They live in nature and use nature for their clothing and hair accessories. Most fairies will wear flowers in their hair. They will use the twigs of the branches to put their hair up or use the branch twigs to hold it back. Flowers are usually worn in a half circle. The center of the circle usually sits right above the middle of the forehead and then trails off to the sides of the head and finally ends closer to the back.

Fairies love bright flowers, bushes and enchanted trees. They thrive in areas that are a little damp and populated by mushrooms. A mushroom-shaped purse or bag will go well with your costume. Colorful patterns of flowers can be used to accessorize the costume.

Fairies rarely wear shoes and often go barefooted throughout the forest. Fairies love to interact with nature. Most fairies wear little to no clothes while treading through the forest floor. For your costume, shoes that are open toe will complement your outfit. Heels are OK to wear, granted they are light in color; open toed and are not bulky. Keep in mind even your shoes can throw off the look and feel of a good Halloween costume.

Finally you want to practice the fairy personality. A fair is always happy and smiling. Even when she is upset, her natural soft personality takes over. Fairies walk with grace and style. They are often seen prancing among the trees and flowers. A fairy is never cruel to anyone. Pulling off the perfect fairy costume is not only looking the part, but acting the part. As they say, practice makes perfect.